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Ron Paul Campaign Cash On Hand $2,497,183

The new FEC report (July financials) has just been posted.
If you wish to see all the detail, here it is:

With $2,497,183 on hand at the end of July, looks like there is plenty of money to help the delegates.

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There is enough money for Romney delegates too

What the campaign should have initiated by now with the money they have if they were really "in it to win it" was to send a letter to ALL delegates (both Romney and Ron Paul delegates) a letter explaining in detail why they should nominate and vote for Ron Paul at the national convention - this should be done not just for Ron Paul's sake but also to give our country a chance to avoid an irreversible meltdown.


Good, let's get him Nominated so he can spend it


Let's get him nominated so he can spend that money immediately on ads. Like TMOT said, there is a Super PAC holding off until after the convention. Let's get Paul Nominated. And if there is any uncertainty after the convention, they campaign has money to fight it in court (if they so choose).

Jack Wagner

Yeah, so what? He had 4M at

Yeah, so what? He had 4M at the end of last campaign and he wisely used it to start C4L. I have no doubt he will put it to good use this time. I wouldn't even care if he put it in his pocket, to be honest. He deserves it after 30 years in the vipers den and even for one minute on Eliot Spitzers or O'Reilly's shows. But fear not, it will go to great use if there is any left over after helping delegates.

You are forgetting about the official campaign's priority #1:

Jesse Benton's McMansion!


If he's still got 2.5 million, I want my 2500 back.

Me too!

Unless they actually put up a fight in Tampa (and beyond).

He is using it to help

the delegates get to Tampa and to defend their delegate spots.

Ron/Rand Paul 2016! Constitution Party 2016!

Good, Ron is gonna need that cash...

Ron Paul is gonna need that cash after winning the Nomination!!!

Love Liberty, be Vigilant

"Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty" (2 Corinthians 3:17)

Faith in God will prevail all things!


I FINALLY got the link from the Ron Paul campaign to fill out requesting financial assistance. I guess for some reason I was not on their Delegate list. Anyhow once we got that resolved, it took less than 24hours for them to approve me!

The link to financial assistance is buried inside the form for VIP PASSES TO THE RALLY SUNDAY.

You have to fill out a brief (as in very brief by corporate office worker standards) report of what your total expenses are and then what you have on hand and what you are short.


How much does it cost to get on 48 ballets as an independent? Forget MA and IL

Better Hurry

The deadlines to do that are passing as we speak

The Grassroots would get it done

Although the requirements are draconian in many states, paid signature gatherers would probably not be needed. Unfortunately, some deadlines have probably passed.
The Paulians can do the impossible.

Sadly, I've canceled my trip to Tampa for financial purposes.

After adding up the costs; flight, hotel, rental car, time off work, etc, I asked myself if even Dr. Paul would approve of me going as I already have credit card debt.

Seeing as how the campaign has been so frugal and is not in the red, how could I justify spending (on credit) what would have been over $1000.00 for a 1 or maybe 2 day event?

So I canceled all plans I had made to try to make it happen.

I've given hundreds to the campaign over the years but now I understand the futility of any fight against the rotted GOP and RNC. This also helped seal my decision.

Even after coming to this conclusion (based on logic), it still pained me so to do it.

But I have plenty of great memories from the "Rally For the Republic" in 2008.

My only regrets are how the Paul Campaign suddenly ended its battle months ago and just disappeared - Ross Perot style.

And Rand announcing his support for Romney (on Hannity's show no less) was an irreparable stab to the heart.

I can't express enough my hate for Sean Hannity, and for that rat bastard to get his way in the end - where he got Dr. Paul's OWN SON to turn like that - made me want to puke.

So while it's great to have all that campaign money in the bank, in the end, this fight against the rotted enemies of liberty (who exist just as much in the GOP as they do in the other party), could have been so very much better in my opinion.

But I don't minimize a thing Dr. Paul has done the last 6 years. No one worked harder during this time than him and I owe nearly all of my aquired political knowledge (and passion) during this time to him.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

Piss weak!

We are fighting for Freedom, IT IS A NEVER ENDING FIGHT! I saw your post the other day, and now your spamming it everywhere? Why? Just why would you do that?

No one is interested in your defeatist attitude, OR ANYONES TO BE HONEST!

We will never stop fighting for Freedom!

We will take back the Republican Party so that the Republic and the Constition it is based upon survives! That is the goal, that is what TPTB want to destroy, They need to destroy the Republican Party, so they can destroy the Republic.

We are not going to stop fighting for Ron Paul's Idea's and Principles!


"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animated contest of freedom, go from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen!”

Samuel Adams

Copy and paste much?

I thought this was garbage the first time it appeared on here as a post. That wasn't good enough, now you have taken to spamming the DP with your thinly veiled passive aggressive attempts at creating disunity.


They tried to bury us, they didn't know we were seeds. -mexican proverb

Steam and Freedom

I agree. The steam of this movement was badly damaged by those last two mentioned conditions.
Perhaps trying to reform the GOP was a dooming miscalculation.
Also, mob rule democracy is a crazy form of government. The majority rarely want to be free. They want to be taken care of and given special privilege. Well folks it's up to us to evolve to something new.
Remember, Jesus dismissed the wordly "kingdom" in a breath. “My kingdom is not of this world.”
Best of luck to all of you in your pursuits of Freedom. Freedom, ultimately, is an internal state!

I hope you

aren't a delegate..........

At the very least, the Ron Paul campaign owes you...

...and all of us an apology. At the very most (at least in the eyes of parasite politicos like Benton, Tate, Olson, etc.), they owe us a refund of our contributions, or at least a refund of those contributions that were fraudulently received as salaries by these very same politicos for "services" that were not just of no value, but NEGATIVE value.

I feel ya, pawnstorm12. Well said.

Stop it...

"Your being a paid troll, mole..., weak, pussy/we don't need..." aw, the hell with it!

We deserved a lot, and we won't get jack... Perhaps politics is not now, nor ever was the answer. Perhaps the answer was taking responsibility for each other, at the local level, and not accepting anything less than liberty.

We shouldn't be demanding a seat at the table (in the basement of the mansion) we should be asserting our inalienable RIGHTS and DEMANDING our autonomy from a criminal government who steals our money, locks us up, and reserves the right to KILL us without charges! But that is the hard road... better we beg somebody else to handle our rights for us... That isn't what this country was founded on...

You fail to see the progress

You fail to see the progress of the 2012 campaign... In 2008 Ron Paul had zero chance of being nominated... The grass roots made signs, and cheered yet did nothing to gain delegates and had no real effect on government. Now in 2012 Dr. Paul has a chance at being nominated from the floor. The grass roots have become much more than cheerleaders and are part of the process. Liberty candidates are being elected.

Do you think Rand really wanted to go on Hannity? Do you think the Doctor wanted to stop campaigning? We just don't know all the circumstances behind the decisions. You are correct it does seem a bit of Ross Perot style... As I recall Ross Perot mentioned threats to his family. Who knows what the Paul's face. I can't imagine the established powers setting back watching Ron's Rally crowds of thousands, winning delegations (despite their media black out), and the flames of liberty spreading. They spread lies in the media, cheated at the conventions, and flipped votes with the electronic systems. I can imagine the put huge pressure on the Paul's in ways we may never know.

Ron Paul has invited everyone to Tampa. He has stated he is seeking a huge showing. If you can't afford the trip then don't go (I'm sure many can't afford the trip). Coming on the Paul second guessing the campaign and Ron Paul doesn't do Ron Paul any good. You ask how the Doctor would feel about you going to Florida? I ask how do you think the doctor would feel about your comment.

If you feel it the fight for liberty could have been so much better you obviously know how to do it better than Ron Paul. Why don't you stop the arm chair talk and get out and fight for your liberty? Show us all how much better it can be done. Myself I have all the faith in the world that the Paul's know the system, and have done everything they know how to fight the good fight.


Mitt Romney would understand... Give me a break! I am sick of the shots people are taking at people for not speaking "on message." We have become what we proclaimed to despise, and all in the name of accommodating Mitt Romney and the dark side...

Sure supporting Doctor Paul

Sure supporting Doctor Paul is supporting Mitts... Get real... I take it you also feel you can do a much better job than Doctor Paul? If so look forward to seeing you up for nomination in Tampa in 2016.

There you guys go again...

Confusing the campaign's self interest with that of Dr. Paul. The people in the campaign are looking for their next paycheck, and see Brand as the meal ticket. If you want to target the grassroots and kill them... you have fun taking orders from the same GOP establishment that considers Ron Paul and ALL of his supporters as trash. Just don't ask those who can see, to cut off our nose to spite our faces with you...

Ron Paul didn't do anything to stop the implosion of the campaign this time or last time. If you can't run your campaign, how can you run a cabinet in the White House. All this has shown is that he is not suited for the job. Sad to say. We weren't asking for much... but he has to at least have that. And he hasn't shown it then or now...

Okay said and done.. Look

Okay said and done.. Look forward to seeing you in 2016..

Doctor Paul selected and Ran his campaign as he seen fit. He has every chance of being nominated from the floor. I fully expect to see you win the the 2016 (if Paul wins 2012) 2020 nomination.

It gives me great confidence to know there are people like you! So much better than Ron Paul at selecting a campaign staff, and running a campaign. Who needs Ron when we have you?

If you approve of his campaign and their staff performance...

Your pretty delusional yourself. Again valid points responded with insults... Have we turned into vapid Obama like supporters... Wow, this is not these folks finest hour.

My points are "valid" Point

My points are "valid"

Point 1:

You feel you could do a much better job than Doctor Paul at running a campaign and feel the need to preach this to the grass roots. Why run around slamming someone that you can outperform? Step up to the plate and show us how the Doctor should have done it!

Point 2:

Again who needs Doctor Paul when we have you?

SteveMT's picture

This was an honest expression of frustration that many feel,...

not armchair quarterbacking. When there is nothing coming out of the campaign about what is happening, then we can second guess all that we want to. We are not robots, who just take orders. Many have given much to this campaign, so these same many do not have anything left to also go to Tampa for a celebration that Ron Paul will not even be attending. Hannity is anathema to Ron Paul. Everyone here knows this, and Rand should know this even better than we do. Before this occurred, what would we have said the odds would have been of Rand Paul endorsing Romney on the Hannity show? Zero. IMO. No way in Hell. With those kinds of shocking moments occurring at numerous crucial times of this campaign, you can talk about pawnstorm12's comment all that you want. It is the truth.

Again as stated... I feel Dr,

Again as stated... I feel Dr, Paul has done a far better job than I can do... If you feel you can do better please step to the plate... I will be looking to support your run in 2016... Until then I have faith in Ron Paul...

In 2008 Ron Paul had not a chance....

In 2012 Ron Paul can be nominated from the floor.... Huge leap forward!

SteveMT's picture

I believe that many of us could have done,...

a far better job than Jesse Benton. And all of us could have done a better job than Rand Paul with this campaign. All that had to be done in Rand's case was to just be quiet and not say anything.

I have faith in Doctor Paul.

I have faith in Doctor Paul. He hand picked the staff. I agree from the distance it looks a mess. One thing none of us know at this point is exactly what it looked like from Ron Paul's view. Is Benton, Rand, the GOP, or a threat of some sort the cause to the rocky tail spin? I have know Idea. One thing I know without a doubt is Ron Paul is doing all that he can with the cards he has been dealt.

Rand: I am pretty sure that Rand was not a happy camper on the hanity show. Do you honestly believe he wanted to do that show? He reminded me of a kidnap victim on the phone with a gun to his head (you are going to say this and if they don't believe it bang!). In fact go back to the Iowa videos when Rand was next to his dad and they announced the caucus results... Rand had that same look.... He knew we had been cheated... He looked so pissed and yet Ron was calm as a cucumber.