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Mitt Romney may have breached ethics laws through company linked to Paul Ryan's brother

An article today in the UK Telegraph newspaper details more conflicts of interest with Mitt Romney in his days as Massachusetts Governor. It also reveals close links between Romney and the family of Paul Ryan that I found interesting.

In a recent video from the Young Turks TV show it appeared that Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney were just getting to know each other. This article seems to put the lie to that impression. According to the article, the Ryans and the Romneys have been close for many years going back to the 1990's and have had dealings in the past in both business and politics.


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Romney must think he can get

Romney must think he can get away with anything and everything...watchdogs are everywhere

Of course he thinks that. He

Of course he thinks that. He was chosen after all and the GOP cheated for him too. He has Israhell's backing because he'll bomb Iran for them. He figures he's the golden boy now. I'm sure he doesn't worry a bit about winning because he knows its all rigged.

Blessings )o(