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Ballot evidence suggests Ron Paul planning to run as third party candidate

I came across this just now, and I haven't yet seen a link on here. Check it out!


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more gooderer

would be for jim gray to step aside and let rp be gj's vp running mate. it may get gj 15% in the polls and put him in the debates and put rp into the biden ryan debate.

The article

does nothing but insult Ron Paul and his supporters:

"...There’s little chance that Ron Paul would win, as he’s a radical whose policies include cutting all off nearly government services and in fact scrapping several core government agencies in an extremist plan which falls somewhere between Romney’s rich-only policies and pure anarchy. But he does have a pack of enthusiastic supporters (most of whom have confused him for being a harmless old uncle type are completely clueless as to what he stands for) who would vote for him for president in a heartbeat, and most of whom would be changing their vote from Romney to Ron Paul in the process. This would create a scenario which would increase Obama’s chances of winning..."

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Ron Paul pulls votes from both sides equally

many former Obama voters would go to Paul. What do you think those thousands of people in Strauss Stadium as UCLA are? That is not McCain/Romney country.

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ive heard

rumors that gary johnson has asked to be vp - if he stepped down yes ron paul could be the lib candidate.. johnson has no real chance anyways and the LP would stand to benefit tremendously if the rumors are true.


On a 3 way split if that were to actually happen

Paul would come out on top of Obama and Romney because by that point the Romney supporters would understand that the only reason we pushed so hard is because we know we are right on every single point you can think of and we will never back down.

They would abandon Romney in droves because their support is half-hearted anyway just to beat Obama and get him out of office.How many candidates did they go through just to get stuck with Mitt?

We would win it without a doubt.

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This is to pave the way for the Libertarian candidate. There cannot be two can there? Gary Johnson was already chosen.

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GJ can choose to step aside,

GJ can choose to step aside, same way Chuck Baldwin offered to step aside for RP in 2008. That was the Constitution party, though.


Can Ron Paul not run as an

Can Ron Paul not run as an independent?