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New Voter Registrations! Number of Independents Breaking Records

This is for swing states. Meanwhile, number registering democrat has dropped by almost a million. Number of GOP has increased by 79,000. Independents around 450,000. I saw this on Fox this morning. Supposedly alot of people have not left the parties but have kicked the bucket. Otherwise they would have had to actually go down and switch thier affiliation.


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I went Indy in 93

Ron Paul woke me up. I never knew there was such a political beast called a central committee that vetted issues, candidates and delegates for ballot access. I don't think or believe most people have a clue there is such a thing as a central committee and what they do. Even third parties have central committees, but not many, which is another reason why third parties get nowhere. The muscle of a party is the central committee.

Independents have no central committee, no candidates, no issues. They get what they are given. They have no choices but what is put on the ballot by GOP or Dems, or an Indy that runs as an Indy.. like Nader, who talked me into going indy.

People are going indy, which is surrendering your right to influence the ballot, muting your voice, and forcing you accept what you get.

The more Indy's there are, which beats the GOP.. so... why have a GOP? Why not just ONE PARTY, The Democratic Party, like Communist China has ONE Party? That's where this is headed, and people don't know, or maybe they do and that is what they want?

Ron Paul told us, If you want to keep your Republic, join the GOP." When the GOP is reduced tio third party/ should go bankrupt by Nov., well, if you think two parties is bad, just wait until you have only one, which is what we're about to get.

It's why I joined the GOP and took a seat. But sems too many don't get it. I think folks want to keep the republic, they just don't understand becasue MSM has everyone under their influence, and everyone thinks everyone else is gonna do it for them.

But once it's gone... well... At least most have their conscience, eh?


I guess there's some sort of awakening going on and people are breaking away from the established parties. The elite must know this and this is why they're establishing a Dictatorship this year.