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Retired Marine Brandon Raub Arrested For Facebook Posts Criticizing The Government

Looks like the NDAA and Patriot Act are in full force!


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Army Times, " Army faces Highest monthly total suicides:...

Maybe this article from the Army times caught his attention, amongst a zillion others things that gave him cause to critique the "powers that be": http://www.armytimes.com/news/2012/08/military-army-faces-hi...

What an outrage! I say this w/out knowing anything about what he was actually criticizing; but even if his speech was unpopular among most and even me if I found I didn't like it after reading it on FB, nonetheless, the Right to Free Speech is his!!

sorry didnt see it,

just trying to make sure we get this to the front page so more can know whats going on!


For some reason, they won't front page it. What if it happened

to them? It easily could, and I would think they would want us to let the world know.

If it's not on the front page

If it's not on the front page in the morning I will post my post from RonPaulTribune and see if I can get it to the front page.