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Audit the Fed

Does anyone know what we can do about getting this bill to the Senate floor?

I am not that familiar with the ins and outs of our legislative system, but I was always under the impression that things just moved from the House, to the Senate, to the president's desk. Naive, I know. But you can imagine how dismayed I was to hear that this Reid character can see a bill come up with such momentum and then just shrug his shoulders at it without even calling for a vote.

Now I'm getting all of these e-mails asking me to contact my representative and/or send more money to their wing of the cause, so my questions are as follows:

1) What would it take to move that bill along?

2) What exactly can my senator do if I email her? I'd like to ask for some specific action, rather than just set myself up for some patronizing but diplomatic evasion. I want to send a concise message that says, in no uncertain terms: Action A gets you this man's vote; option B gives it to the other guy/girl.

I'd sincerely appreciate some good information. I want to nuance my understanding of this process so that I can better represent our cause to people around me.


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