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Delegates: How do we Handle Dirty Tricks Made At Tampa And Get Our Man In Office?

Hello All and God bless you for your tireless work and effort to spread the fires of Liberty, One thing though I would like to open to debate and discussion is going to be addressed sooner or later.

The question is How will Ron Paul supporters respond to any plots or schemes made at the convention, I am guessing the militia ( they'll conceal themselves for sure) will be around just in case they try to pull something extremely stupid, but even declaring ron paul signs illegal, or banning cameras, anything can happen at the last minute and we need to be ready to respond to any situation with action, I am certain also the DHS and CIA may be plotting to dress thugs up with Ron Paul gear and trash stuff and cause a ruckus, even a nasty one, maybe some will try to divide us, We need to be ready to respond to the situation, and we need to show THAT WE WON'T BEND DOWN BUT WIN THIS PEACEFULLY

Lets hear all your suggestions and discussions, I am confident we'll come up with something awesome!

RP 2012!!

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Identifying numbers

I think we should identify your numbers early and there is no reason to be shy now. It is do or die time and the only way to win is to display our strength first and often. This should be accomplished on the eve of the convention at the Future Rally when you must devise some sort of plan for the take over of the RNC.

If everyone who supports Ron Paul...

locks arms, and cheers RON PAUL, actually maybe even chants PEACE, or Love, direct our energy and have fun, we will WIN this!

"Peace, Love, President Paul"

"Peace, Love, President Paul" while locking arms

Record everything! Evidence is key

I'm in a quandary about this too, but locking arms and sitting down singing peace songs or recite the constitution? seem to be the only logical thing I can think of right now. Agreed, keep ideas flowing...

buddy system

and if anything violet breaks out, DO NOT get involved. Sit down on the ground and expose the infiltrators. Stay sober, stay calm, channel your inner peace.

Agreed no violence....

Agreed no violence....