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7th Circuit Court of Appeals Eviscerates 'Customer Segregation of Funds'

Ann Barnhardt, on Warren Pollock, takes a chainsaw to any shred of faith you thought you still had in free and fair markets, property rights, and U.S. elections.

  • Banking institutions can take any monies on deposit for use as collateral for loans to fund their proprietary trading (ala Jon Corzine)
  • One reads this decision like "we must all be on drugs or something," but it's happening
  • If you're so stupid that you're still in the markets...
  • In a ponzi scheme, those who get out first survive (get the hell out)
  • Mathematically impossible for government to work out of debt
  • 2012 elections a waste time--kabuki theater
  • Paul Ryan? A lying, forked-tongue jackal
  • The whole paradigm of Wash., D.C. is unreformable
  • The lack of emotional maturity in this cultural is nauseating to behold
  • We're doing this as a matter of record, because it's almost impossible to change anything
  • You alone are responsible for your position after the collapse

I like to think that a spirit of humility, and gentility, like that which many see in Ron Paul, will also be in play after a collapse. Foster it, while carrying an AR-15? Best advice I've heard: care for the sick and elderly around you, after a collapse. Community is your strength.

Definition of an FCM:

Interview: Ann Barnhardt-A Matter of Record

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This removes a pillar of

property rights for those in the markets. "The entire market could be described as one giant ponzi." One more bump...too technical? Try to get past the first three minutes..


Ann says, the plan, coming out of the Marxist New School in NY City, is to work the public into such a frenzy about the failing markets, that they will demand federal protection of pensions, essentially nationalizing them, forcing everyone to loan their retirement money to the government.