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Abolish The Income Tax, And Watch The Economic BOOM

What do you think would happen if the average American worker had an extra $10-20,000 more income to spend every year, instead of the government spending that money for them?

They would buy new siding for their house. Buy a new car. A new health insurance policy. Take a vacation instead of a staycation. People would spend the money right back into the economy.

New furniture, new refrigerator, new stove, new equipment for the small business owner, etc...all that spending would produce a lot of sales tax revenue for the states.

With the extra cash flow for everyone, businesses would be able to afford to hire more employees.

So why don't we go back to what worked so well before for America?

The United States became so rich, so powerful, and so wealthy in the early 1900's because people were free to keep the fruits of their labor. America was beyond prosperous. We were FREE. Then came WWI and WW2, Korea, Vietnam, The Persian Gulf, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and God knows where else bombs are being dropped by Uncle Sugarbucks.

Now the states, and federal government take half of every dollar you make and we have a president with communist roots.

That is not what I call freedom...seems more like government bondage, which inevitably causes arrested economic development.

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So, instead of people getting

So, instead of people getting new siding and stoves, we get lots of weapons, Mars rovers, surveillance equipment.

That seems like a good deal.

We also pay a LOT of people to do things that none of us really care about or even want to have done in the first place.


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Too Late to Save the Economy

I think eliminating the income tax would have beneficial effects for individuals and the economy, but it is impossible at this popint to stave off the inevitable correction which must occur to cleanse the system of all the misallocated capital, investments, and debt. A devastating depression must first run its course before we can begin to rebuild again. Elimination of the income tax would help in that process.

That is what Gary Johnson is proposing

After Tampa, Gary Johnson 2012

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Not even close!!

Johnson wants to swap one tax for another. Johnson is proposing a 23% national sales tax (In addition to what you would already pay in state sales and state income tax). He would give us a so called prebate wherein every citizen becomes a welfare recipient and is dependent upon their monthly prebate check from Uncle Sam just to stay afloat. Johnson's plan would also turn every small business into a federal tax collector, whether they like it or not. This would be a huge tax increase for middle and low income families and also have a devastating effect on small business owners.

I support eliminating the IRS and replacing the income tax with nothing. But what Johnson is selling may in fact be worse than the status quo. Johnson isn't proposing anything like what the OP is speaking of.

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You should research Ron Paul more. He said he would sign the fairtax legislation if it was up for a vote because the fairtax eliminates ALL income taxes in United States. The prebate was designed to offset the sales tax up to the poverty line. Middle class would pay approximately 11% of their total income(now tax free) and the poor would pay 0%. The fairtax also abolishes the 16th amendment. No taxes on used items(used cars, used houses, used clothes, used anything) only new ones. The 23% rate is in place of all of the business income taxes passed on to the customer as well. No one would rely on the prebate because it is only offsetting tax up to the poverty line.

I agree in abolishing the 16th amendment and replacing it with nothing. But you will never get congress, the senate, and the states to do that anymore. You have to replace it with something. The fairtax is the a great option.

Gary Johnson 2012

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Ron has said also that he

Ron has said that he does not prefer the Fair Tax and that it needs serious tweaking. He has refused to co-sponsor the Fair Tax legislation. He has said that as president he would replace the income tax with nothing or with import taxes. Ron does not talk about the Fair Tax and only gave that answer.."I would probably vote for it.." when he was asked.

Go ask small businesses if they want to be federal tax collectors.

23% would be in addition to already existing state sales and income taxes. It would cripple our economy. By the way...Who believes Washington will leave the rate at 23%? It will be far easier to raise the rate then it is with the current very complex code. It will not take long at all to start going up.

When those in the Liberty movement become sold on the idea of swapping one bad tax for another bad tax....that is how you know the establishment has already won. Very sad. Besides, this thread really isn't about Johnson's proposed tax hike or his federal mandate on small businesses..I was pointing out that Johnson's tax proposal was nothing similar to what the OP is talking about. Johnson goons try to co-opt every thread even when it has nothing to do with him.

Ron Paul 2012 - It's Almost Here!


"uncle sugarbucks"



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