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I Still Have Faith In The Grand Old Party

Has the GOP gone incognito?

After everything they have done, how could I trust them?

If we dig deep beyond the surface appearance of things, I think that many people in powerful positions within the GOP are quietly very warm and receptive to the idea of Ron Paul winning the republican nomination.

Republicans are not naive. They know that we are the future. They know that Ron Paul is their only hope of defeating Obama. They know Romney is dead weight.

But please keep this in mind...

If the GOP really does want Ron Paul to win, they're not going to say so a week before the convention. Because we're smarter than that.

Are you ready to make history?

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I don't know.

I have been a straight ticket republican my whole voting life. But look what the platform said in 1956 (before I was even born):

"We shall continue vigorously to support the United Nations."


I am in no way saying we should not take back the party for the good of Liberty. I am only saying there have been some very bad agents at work for a long time.

That year the platform also said something I think we can all agree upon:

"For our guidance in fulfilling this responsibility, President Eisenhower has given us a statement of principles that is neither partisan nor prejudiced, but warmly American:

The individual is of supreme importance. "

But then it also said:

"...we endorse the present policy of freedom for the Federal Reserve System to combat both inflation and deflation by wise fiscal policy"

Misguided maybe? I don't know. But it is concerning to me.

I can only hope Ron Paul wins in Tampa, because I do not know what I will do if he doesn't. After waking up it will be hard for me to vote the lessor of 2 evils. I think that is exactly why we are in the trouble we are in and the 2 evils are becoming closer and closer together in ideology it seems to me.

I am all for making that party Grand!

Which definition of faith are you using?

1. Confident belief in the truth, value, or trustworthiness of a person, idea, or thing.
2. Belief that does not rest on logical proof or material evidence.
3. Loyalty to a person or thing; allegiance.

Or something else?

Republicans are not naive.

Republicans are not naive. They know that we are the future.......

More so than "everyone" realizes, but.....the Old Guard has allowed this process called the Nomination Process to be hijacked.

HIJACKED: And being led by an individual who has "gutted" almost every business or entity he has been involved with.

ROMNEY: Is "gutting" the GOP.....It's up to us to make as big a stink out of this as we can...and then "steer" the delegation to the only man who can save the party, the country and quite possibly the world.

Go to Tampa!....Everyone...even if just for a day.
An impact must be felt...made...orchestrated.
Then perhaps the truth...once exposed...will win.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

Exactly Danton

That is why they are fighting us abetted with MSM.

I don't, I wish I could say I do, but that would be a lie

I don't have faith in the GOP. I've been thinking about this all day. I wouldn't have joined the GOP, or taken a committee seat, if not for Ron Paul, and I see what they did to Ron Paul abetted by MSM, while Democrats and Neocons had a good laugh at best. Seemed the laugh is on us.

What I'm concerned about is I don't think the GOP is in this to win. Romney is being forced on us, and we are being pushed around. My committee meeting was rescheduled to SATURDAY the 25TH. Why?

Certainly not for me and the Ron Paul Republicans who joined to stop us from going to Tampa? It's not like they want to work with us. They want us off those seats and OUT on the streets. I think the power structure, not the people, but the POWER in the GOP, wants to lose the election, go bankrupt, blame us, and then render themselves to a third party, let the Democratic Party become THE PARTY representing the USA in the NWO global government.

I have thought that for sometime, even when I joined the committee, my hope was that maybe I could save the party, understanding that two parties are still better than ONE Communist Party. But not enough of us have joined the GOP. Too many excuses, not enough understanding or manybe even concern for what is happening.

It's as if most folks don't even read their own posts and articles, like shouting shouting the sky is falling, and then not doing anything about it.

Too many listening to MSM, even saying this MSM spokeshole to another should be Ron Paul's VP.. nothing practical, just all fan club.. no compromise is not how one grows a party.. and then there's too many demands, not enough sacrifice from those among us who expect perfection, yet, have none themselves. Too many don't want a leader, and don't follow what leads they get. Too many want a bloody civil war.

Too many willing to live off rice, as that's a solution.. or thinking 1000s of rounds of ammo can whip a drone. Too many nightmares and not enough folks sitting in those seats.

Ron Paul told us, many heard, few actually did anything... sure wave signs, pay into money bombs... but we needed seats filled. I'm not going to take a bullet for the GOP or Ron Paul. I did my best in CA to earn him the nomination. I FAILED, even though I did way better than the majority in CA, it wasn't good enough. Like Ron Paul, I couldn't do it alone, and just too many are NOT stepping up and getting in the game.. but they are all willing to go to the party.


I'll stick with my seat, as I have a two year committment, and I know after the election, chances are, many who LOVED Ron Paul will bail if he does not get that nomination we all know he deserves. I PRAY he WILL GET THAT NOMINATION... otherwise.. my conscience tells me that I did all I could do to the best of MY ability.

Will that save the GOP? Nope.

I have faith in the GOP

I have faith in that you guys are taking over the party, will do so, and will use the power of the GOP to lead the world out of this mess.

The entire plan of those in charge is too destroy the GOP and the republic and hence the constitution. Ron Paul's plan is to save the constitution, by saving the republic, by saving the republican party and taking it back to its constitutional roots.

Do not help TPTB to do thier work for them. The Republican party needs to be saved so that the Republic and the Constitution can be saved, the people need to understand that the US is NOT a democracy, it is a Republic.

The last thing the GOP wants

and those in power within that organization is for a real republican to win. They rather have Obama than Ron Paul.