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Ron Paul is losing the Liberty Grassroots.

Ron Paul is losing the Liberty Grassroots.


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Stop giving this attention

Stop giving this attention whore views. It's quite obvious Kokesh is self obsessed and wants more power within the movement.

The Revolution Continues..

And btw, I'm not going to

And btw, I'm not going to take seriously a man who is consistently high/wasted while ranting about whatever. Or who posts 'serious' videos followed by videos of himself smoking DMT on the internet.

Adam needs some serious help. He needs to step the hell away and go find himself.

The Revolution Continues..

man dont listen to this guy

man dont listen to this guy

Yes he is... He is growing

Yes he is... He is growing fields of trees!

my youtube post...

screw you Adam...you took FOX money long enough for them to use you and "tolerate" you for their agenda.....then they canceled your show...WTF...do you think we are stupid?

followed by: you suck for being a tool...

By the way...he is a former Army Public Affairs type...and we all know what they do...

get it straight before you attack...

Not FOX...RT was the network where his show was aired, and he is a Marine, not Army.

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle

What FOX money...

Keep attacking the grassroots, and all you will have left is Mitt Romney... But if you worship power, then I guess that is fine by you...

"I'm writing in Ron Paul."

Today I spent the day with my family, most of whom are former military. They told me, "I'm writing in Ron Paul." I said "I am too."

write in, waste your time

If Paul is not the nominee, the next best choice if the Libertarian only to help them get a decent % of the voting block. If they get enough, they can more legitimately challenge the two party system.

Losing? Please step away from the pipe.

Ron Paul is Hard Core Liberty, the rest of us are just trying to keep up.

This Liberty tsunami is just getting started and unlike others it will not stop after the dog and pony show of election 2012.

If you don't believe in true freedom and liberty, stay away from the shore line. This tsunami will drag your A$$ away.

Natural Order

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Google: Ron Paul

About 267,000,000 results (0.25 seconds)

This grass has a lot of roots!

The grass is allot of smoke and mirrors

grass is gonna be a gateway to a seat, or "dead", in just a few short months.

And don't blame Ron Paul. Blame yourself for not having the guts to get with Ron Paul's plan.

Too many are under the influence of MSM.

RP Grassroots Growing and GrowING and GROWING

I haven't logged in in a while, so I thought I'd log in to reply to this post:

RON ERNEST PAUL, 2012 and B-E-Y-O-N-D.

Freedom for all time. Let's do what's got to be done. One shining example is Granger who became a committee person in her district. What you have the ability to do, do. Let's go.

School's fine. Just don't let it get in the way of thinking. -Me

Study nature, not books. -Walton Forest Dutton, MD, in his 1916 book whose subject is origin (therefore what all healing methods involve and count on), simple and powerful.

You can thank Jesse Benton.

You can thank Jesse Benton. Just think he never met Ron Paul prior to 2007 and then he married his grandaughter. He then smooched his way to become campaign director. I still say he is a neocon romney mole in disguise. He has hurt the campaign more than helped it.

Yes we can without Benton we

Yes we can without Benton we wouldn't have the chance to nominate Ron Paul from the floor.... Light years ahead of 2008

Withtout the grassroots...

they are left with the establishment and the Ron Paul movement falls into the same albatross of irrelevance as the TEA party!!!

Ron Paul has outgrown the grassroots

If by this time, 8 years later, you are still grassroots, you did not get Ron Paul's message. We grew from Meet-up to Committee seats.

Grassroots for Ron Paul began back in 07 when Ron Paul first asked us to JOIN THE GOP.

Once a grassrooter joined the GOP, they stopped being grassroots, they became part of a LIBERTY TREE within the GOP establishment.

This was always THE plan.

Ron Paul asked us to not only join the GOP, but to get on Central Committees and become credentialed delegates (not an easy thing to do). This action far surpasses the abilities of grassroots.

So Ron Paul did not lose grassroots, he took the grassroots who GOT IT, planted them in the crappy GOP, watered them with campaigns (that MSM did everything to chop down).


If you are grassroots at this time, it means one thing, YOU DIDN'T GET IT.

Good analogy Granger, but new

Good analogy Granger, but new members usually do start out as grass roots. Many die off or are choked by worries and distraction. But some are planted on a fertile ready heart and yield hundreds times their number. If grassroots were that fertile ground they would be maturing and producing fruit to keep with the analogy.

Thank you

Thing is, now that the old grassroots have become a liberty tree inside the GOP, the new grassroots have it so much easier, they don't have an excuse to remain outside.

It was one thing, when like myself, there was NO ONE on a central committee and one faced those neocons, with little help if any at all from the campaign, and took a seat despite the neocons working against you. Now my committee has 10 open seats, 5 Ron Paul Republicans.. so what's the excuse by grassroots?

Nearly 800 people in my county voted for Ron paul and only 5 of us are seated. I'm here to try to explain to the grassroots, that that seat is one hour a month (or more if you like, chair a committee).

I worked as grassroots this election.. I must have spent hundreds of hours, spent tons of money.. and this is what people prefer?

Committee seat @ 1 hr / mo = power to fundraise, vet candidates and issues, vote NO on measures, knock neocons off their seats, cost gas in car and whatever you want to spend on what GOP events you want to spend meeting elected folks and getting Ron Paul's message heard.

grassroots @ hundreds of hours / mo, = no benefits, thousands of dollars and no power.

Meet up is down to three members, no one really shows even when they say.. Committee meeting is Ron Paul Republican taking the GOP (yes, we're having fun).

I guess my idea of a good time is different now. Rather sit in a nice chair, eat and drink something nice, while talking politics for an hour, than going door to door, standing in the rain waiving signs to get flipped off and a couple of horn honks.


Wow, sounds like your involvement is taking hold. Nice. Let's bring in more people.



~Your perception becomes your reality~

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Why continue to be so dogmatic?

"If you are grassroots at this time, it means one thing, YOU DIDN'T GET IT."

Alternatively, it means that many were rejected by their respective state's GOP. There are no vacancies on Montana's GOP Central Committee. My county has no GOP openings for my location. Ron Paul delegates were completely disenfranchised at the State GOP Convention last June. We got zero national delegates with 45% of the total vote. We have been totally shut-out of the process.

We indeed get it. Why don't you?

I was a guest for a year

I took my own roll call and when someone missed three consecutive mmetings, I moved to replace them.

My elected seat does not begin until january. They didn't help me at all. Worked against me. I campaigned as a Ron Paul Republican. I won. So what do they do.. they appointed me a seat. So I am seated now.. they hope I'll lay off, or mess up so they can remove me. I won't.

I want those seats filled with Ron Paul Republicans. And after this election, I hope to be right back to RON PAUL IN YOUR FACE!!!!!!!!! Voting NO NO NO NO NO to all their entitlements, taxes and bull.

What about next year?

Is there not hope to continue upon the process Dr. Paul offered? Or have I succumbed to believing the impossible?

Can we not build along with those who have secured seats so that in the years to come we, the Friends of Liberty garner the power in the GOP?

Has it all been for naught?

Steve, you sound like a smart guy. Don't quit... humbly coming from someone not as smart as you, nor have I probably worked as hard as you in trying to make a difference :)

She has much to learn.

Some of the things that she says is true, but somewhere along her traveled road, she lost a bucket of essential nuts and bolts.

I am not sure that she will learn and grow over time; her "seat" seems to have gotten in her way.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul


The fact you don't have a seat and no intention of getting one is what is in the way of having credentialed delegates, having qualified Ron Paul Republicans running for offices and Restoring America to Constitutional Government.

What happened to RON PAUL CURED MY APATHY? Guess that didn't apply to you?

It's those seats that are going to RESTORE AMERICA

I suggest you get off your seat and get one!


I have enjoyed reading your fatastic assumptions.

I wish you Life, Liberty, and I wish you well.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul




That is about as low as one can get :-(

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul


I wished you what you wished me. How is that low? You mis-spell my name, I mis-spell yours. What's the harm? It's OK for you to mispell my name, but If I do it, it's low?

Well, I'm sorry you feel that way ProudAmericanFirst. It wasn't a personal cut, just trying to be an equal, in a whirrled that doesn't like equality, apparently.

I think it's low to knock someone who has worked hard to do what Ron Paul asked all of us to do. Who needs neocons with Ron Paul grassroots knocking me for only reminding them WHAT WE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE DOING? Oh yeah, eveyone has a festival planned so they can PARTY in Ron Paul's name. Sorry, won't be there, got a Neocon meeting to go to... no wonder they laugh at us. I think they are well aware most are all talk and not about to challange them for their seats. As for as you and the downvoters here go,, Neocons should keep those seats, eh? Apparently you need Neocons in those seats WAY more than Ron Paul Republicans.

The Granger! :-)