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Anti-obama Rally

I attended a not-so-organized and non-published anti-obama rally the other day where about 100+ people showed up. Guest speakers of all seats and positions spoke about how romney will repair our nation. Needless to say, I did not pay a whole lot attention to them.

Instead, I went booth to booth, handing the people behind them sovereignjanice's Paul/romney Comparison Sheet and the dvd which I assembled that was sent to delegates. I also handed out other material which showed romney and obama supporting the same issues.

After I hit all of the booths, I started walking about, handing out more material and engaged in conversations. Of course there were some who accused me of spreading lies about romney, but rest assured, others that I conversed with listened with open ears. They were shocked that this stuff was not in the news.

Even though those folks have no further input in Tampa (it is now up to delegates), the best thing that came out of this is that they are now interested in learning the truth and will be more on their toes the next election. I informed them that Justin Amash, and others, are on the horizon, and that we MUST vet these guys based upon past voting record and proven stances on Liberty.

I spoke to the organizer a couple of days after the rally, he has invited me to speak at future events :-)

I have decided to decline sitting on Committee. This is a personal choice that I do not want others to follow. My reason for this is; I am a free agent. I am not bound by laws and by-laws. I will do what I want and do what I must, and that is to further educate people regardless of party, whether they be Republican, Independent or Democrat. Had I not declined, I would be obligated to NOT engage or support those in other "parties".

Whatever happens this election, rest assured - the Liberty movement has grown tremendously since 2008 - just wait until 2016.

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Fantastic! This is so

Fantastic! This is so encouraging and it is how we win in the long run. You are employing the same the tactics I use, just go to gatherings, flea markets, swap meets, farmers markets, here, a political rally, with literature and be friendly and talk to people. It is amazing how a smile will get people to stop and listen. Not all will be open, but enough to keep you doing it. I honed my skills (and courage!) going door to door in the '08 campaign and again in 2012. With time and experience, you learn how to quietly counter every arguement against Ron Paul. One of the best is to ask them , "Why?" when they argue with the Foreign policy, drug issues, etc. As you know, most do not know why the disagree with Ron Paul, they just are operating from a group think mentality, and if they are open to discussion you can then plant the seeds that over time will grow. As the Good Doctor says, "...keep talking, the cannot unhear what you say." And he is right again!

Thank you for what you do, ProudAmericanFirst! You make me a ProudAmerican!

For Liberty!

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle

Amen. Good for you! May we

Amen. Good for you! May we all strive to achieve you level of charisma and confidence. Keep up the good work!

Your awesome!

Keep up the great work!

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Reaching out, spreading the message,

waking people up; good job.