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Flashback: Ron Paul on Fox Center Seat

Originally aired at the end of October, 2011:


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That was good.

Until the end. :(

the 3rd party part

was just brilliant. I hope this guys don't sleep now for several nights. ;)
Also the: "...I better do 1st or second in couple of those, I have to do well on JANUARY..."

With all the dumba$$ talk

With all the dumba$$ talk about asking him if he would "state right now that you will not run as a 3rd party…" I wish that he would simply say something like; what don't you idiots understand about the answer that I have already given on that same topic at least a hundred times now. If that is all you have to talk about I'll just be going now and get back to my campaign.

Larry in North Carolina
The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men and women to not support Ron Paul!

Don't worry Dr. Paul!

You came in first after all in Iowa! ;)


Gotta love him! He's just rolling his eyes the whole time, trying to ask gotcha questions on drugs and wars. He's actually wondering how the hell Dr Paul even got on the show. He has no clue what's happening...


I agree w/ your post other than the "he has no clue what's happening" part. To me it felt like he was the leader of that Fox News team and he had his team grill Dr. Paul looking for something to knock him on. I get the feeling Krauthammer was looking for a knockout blow type thing w/ his questions on drug legalization and the one about the Suez Canal. Dr. Paul was brilliant in his responses by the way.

Also, I think there was some level of disdain in Krauthammer's voice regarding Dr. Paul reserving the right to run 3rd party. He mentioned a "grammarian" I think to say that Dr. Paul was tip-toeing around the issue. Plus he basically said "you say you could improve your speaking skills but you ignored our request that you pledge to support the nominee, regardless who it ends up being".

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Great interview. sad now to

Great interview. sad now to watch knowing all that has happened. When he said he would be dissapointed if he came in 3rd in IA...I could only imagine the GOP saying to themselves, "there we have it make him 3rd in IA". And we all know the rest.
I'm still praying for a miracle in Tampa, go delegates go. Pack up and go.



"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."
Albert Einstein

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The political process highlights the general

dumbing down of American ed. and lowering of cultural quality. That the public can be bought off with phony promises and known lies and ineptitude is so sad. Dr. Paul is like a ray of sunlight in a valley of murky grey.


Dr Paul was on his game, I love seeing his light shine...

What a great interview.

One of the best he's ever done.