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firestorm in the EU

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Farage is not a libertarian,

Farage is not a libertarian, despite what he claims, he's a fiscal centrist and a one-issue candidate.

I agree. When he called for

I agree. When he called for martial law during the London riots, it changed my opinion of him. He makes good speeches about the folly of the EU, but he seems to be more of a "states rights" guy if you examine his record. He has more interest in preserving democracy and British sovereignty than he does in preserving or promoting liberty.

On social issues he's clearly

On social issues he's clearly authoritarian. He once supported a France-style ban on the Islamic burqa.
He's also very supportive of socialized healthcare, and is not critical of fiat money or the Bank of England.

The only politicians remotely close to libertarian in the UK are Daniel Hannan, Douglas Carswell and possibly David Davis. The rest are all fake.

i guess that's part of the reason hannan hasn't joined ukip

issue priority may call for an alliance and temporary compromise however

Hannan is a libertarian

Hannan is a libertarian leaning fiscal conservative. UKIP is a populist party, that is overly concerned about democracy and does not fear the tyranny of the majority.