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Does Ron Paul identify himself as a social conservative?

Does anyone have a source where he calls himself a social conservative?

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He is very culturally

He is very culturally conservative. He lives his life in a socially conservative way, but does not push this views on others like the political definition of social conservative.

A libertarian can be either a cultural conservative (paleolibertarianism) or a cultural liberal.

Cultural conservatives:
- Ron Paul
- Rand Paul
- Justin Amash
- Lew Rockwell
- Robert Taft
- William F. Buckley, Jr.
- Thomas Sowell
- Chuck Baldwin
- Tom Woods

Cultural liberals:
- Gary Johnson
- Barry Goldwater
- Ayn Rand
- Adam Kokesh
- Aimee Allen

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Ron Paul is a Republican

These lables are designed to makes points and help other's agendas.

Ron Paul was a member of the LP. He no longer is, has not been a registered member for decades, yet, LP members proud of HIS success (not theirs) like to lable him with what he was, not what he is.

Ron Paul asked US, ALL of US, to join the Republican Party. The idea here was always to fill those vacant seats the Neocons had worked so hard to dismantle the GOP, abetted with the MSM, and our plan is WE ARE THE FURTURE.. WE ARE THE REPUBLICAN PARTY.

My committee is supposed to have 21 seats. It had two friggin old washed up mean neocons who worked very hard to gut those seats. OUR JOB was to fill them.

I don't understand why there is so much confusion, hatred, misunderstanding, and repulsion to do something Ron Paul asked, except too many are seriously under the influence of MSM, and can't do what Ron Paul asked because MSM has them brainwashed about what THEY SAY the GOP is. Is MSM reporting the lack if GOP seats? If Romney is elected they will.

Ron Paul is a REPUBLICAN. THAT IS THE MESSAGE and if you don't get it, you are not for Ron Paul but have your own agenda.

A Libertarian CANNOT be a "social" conservative!

Ron Paul and anyone who understands personal responsibility, freedom, and libertarian ideals would NEVER EVER EVER coerce another person to live a certain way through government force.

His stance on abortion is abundantly clear: a woman's civil liberties end where the baby's civil liberties begin.

His bill on gay marriage simply leaves it up to the states and says that no state has to honor another state's position on the issue. Ex (if someone is married in NY, TX doesn't have to recognize it) If you think Ron Paul wants to outlaw gay marriage at the Federal level, you are mistaken.

I AM is all that is. Everything else is malleable.

leave government out of it

A social conservative believes that tradition, or community, or religion, or belief systems establish and reinforce community morality. Individuals look to something other than government force for their moral compass. In a well-functioning community, those "forces" are often also backed up by laws, but not necessarily so.

Voluntariness and Coercion are not mutually exclusive of respect for tradition and morality.

In fact, if we get the government out of the way, we are going to need to rely more heavily on our own community morality, not less. Castle libertarianism seems to be in denial about this.

I would say yes, he is

He is a solid family man. He loves God. He believes there is truth. He supports tradition, certainly in the way he lives his life. He believes in individual responsibility - that people are responsible to take care of themselves and their families and to do the right things. He believes honesty and integrity are important. He is loyal. He believes in fidelity. He supports community. He does not believe the ends justify the means. He is a staunch supporter of marriage. He is pro-life. He believes in voluntary charity as a moral imperative. He tries to treat others as he would like to be treated (see foreign policy). He believes in justice. He believes it is important to be a good role model. He believes strongly in the importance of fatherhood and grandfatherhood. He speaks out against irresponsible behavior (He is not libertine). He does not use drugs or alcohol.

So, I would say he is definitely a social conservative. One can be a social conservative without being a religious fundamentalist or even religious at all, which is a distinction we often blur.

Ron Paul is a strong social

Ron Paul is a strong social conservative. His bill "The Sanctity of Life Act" would ban abortion nationwide, he supports the Defense of Marriage Act and introduced "We the people Act" to strip jurisdiction from the courts on issues like abortion and gay marriage. Ron Paul supports the Marriage Protection Act, supports prayer in schools,doesn't believe in the phony "separation of church and state," and opposes the false theory of evolution. Anyone who looks at his record over the years realizes that he's socially conservative as well as fiscally conservative.

not politically

He is very conservative in his personal life.


No such person exists. One cannot be conservative and disregard the Constitution and the very idea of natural rights - it is an oxymoron.

It just like being a Neoconservative - a "false" conservative. Only for the weak-minded and immoral.

"In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."--Mark Twain


Ron Paul is a TRUE social conservative -- he's pro-life not only before birth but after birth too!

No. There is no such thing.

No. There is no such thing. People who identify themselves in this way are neither social nor conservative. They want the gov to police the bedroom and the church and the inner thoughts of the mind.

Ron Paul is not a hypocrite.

Not all social conservatives are statists

As another said, Paul is a social conservative in the right way.

That is cultural

That is cultural conservatism. When combined with libertarianism, it is called paleolibertarianism.

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The "social conservative"

The "social conservative" movement is absolutely statist.


I don't have a quote where he says that. He's a Christian and a social conservative in the right way ... as a private citizen who's minding his own business and living his own life the way he thinks best. In formulating solutions (often without government), he factors in all the good and bad stuff without much regard for political labels in an effort to achieve the best results.

As you know however, "social conservative" also represents a great evil in our country as a political label. So-called "social conservatives" in the political arena are lobbyists for big spending government expansion, often supporting bipartisan efforts along-side far-left groups. Many self-identified social conservative individuals are easy targets ... encouraged to "vote their (personal) beliefs" and such, without seeing the parallels between what they're being asked to support and something like the Taliban for example.

He has support from many right-thinking social conservatives; even received help from Santorum ("not Romney") delegates after Santorum dropped out (which Romney and the establishment GOP claim for Romney, no matter what the delegates want). It was government staying out of people's personal lives that allowed religion to flourish in America, and even allows people to live the socially conservative lifestyles they prefer. It is government staying out of people's lives that allows people to act according to their consciences.

Correlation does not prove causality!

Johnson Troll to be more specific...

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