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Synthetic Police Are Coming: DARPA Engineering Autonomous Robots

Because of the risks involved in rescue aid workers and human response teams, DARPA awarded Boston Dynamics, Inc. a $10.9 million contract to manufacture humanoid robots that are bi-pedal, built like humans and have a sensor head with on-board computing capabilities. Completion of the project is expected for August of 2014.


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Just capture them and used them

for speed bumps.

We would not be against Tech Innovation (regarding self-defense)

in a free-society.

Cops (human kind) "kill" (this is when they are absolutely wrong) around 160 people per year (out of 310M civilians).

Cops are "infinitely" more reliable to-not-kill then are civilians.

Both on-duty and off-duty -- Both in nominal and real terms.

I welcome robot-cops (version 100.0) -- What concerns me is Version 1-99.

i-Robot Asmininoff-1984-Matrix

We never listen to our "visionaries" -- we always march forward first and figure it out while under pressure (I'm thinking of nuclean tech and waste now).

Automated Surveilence and Police (if brought on in free-markets) will be awesome and eliminate most all crime (save "online" kind).

If we legalize all drugs, prostitution, and rights-to-defend (one's property and self) then we wont need i-Robot.

AI surveilance will come first and it will be omnipresent -- this is JUST GOING TO HAPPEN.

I'm not scared of it. I never do anything I would be embarrassed for others to watch, but it will take some getting used too, and I don't "welcome it" but it will happen (it's already happening).

In a free-society there will be more surveillence then now -- it's just that civilians and "housing associations" and businesses will manage it.

All Roads
All Highways
All Public Areas
All Business Parks
Most Neighborhoods

Drones were once considered impossible.

These robots will be built, and some psychopath human in the background on a computer will pull the trigger. The same with drones.

It is a way for the NWO to eliminate the use of human security. Even the military is getting to the point where they will not support these subhuman psychopaths who value only power and wealth, and want to rule the world.

The truth is the power mongers are living at an UN-evolved animal-human level, where all their energy is below the heart level. They are occupied with basic concerns for sexuality, emotions, EGO, power over others and accumulation of the THINGS of the world.

They have failed to evolve to a higher level of LOVE, compassion, empathy, spiritual communication, and awareness of their own higher consciousness and connection to the universe. The world is evolving beyond them. They just haven't realized it yet.

Oh, I suppose so...

...but not in my lifetime. Unmanned flight has been possible for a long time. It's just a matter of economics that now it is far cheaper to produce and operate drones than traditional planes.

Maybe it is also cheaper

to build robots than feed, clothe, pay humans. It has happened in industry! Never thought I would see drones hunting humans!

I think there will be a very large global revolution in the near future. Well, in the past it happened in France, Russia, America. Next time it will be a world revolution. North Americans are not the kind of people to go quietly into serfdom.


Sorry, LL, there is no way this story is true.

Did your read the entire article?

Here is the company that's doing this contract:

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Let me clarify

I don't doubt that the US Gov't is giving money to a military contractor to work on such a project (that's what the military industrial complex is all about). It's just that robotics technology is nowhere near capable of producing something like this, and the tech is improving at a snail's pace.

Think of it this way: If all it takes to make robots that can move and act like humans is a $10 billion investment... we'd have these things in every household by now.

This article is just Infowars spreading fear about something that is pure fiction at this point.