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Koch Brothers

I haven't settled on my opinion about the Koch brothers but am leaning towards favorable at this point. Their libertarian roots are the reason I am leaning this way, but I am just wanting to see what the DP community thinks about them.

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They are Cato libertarians,

They are Cato libertarians, aka libertarian moderates or Gary Johnson libertarians. They aren't viewed very favorably by Mises purists.

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In the movie "Campaign",they are called The Much Brothers.

The movie brings out some interesting points. Ron Paul would be Wiggins. Will Ferrel plays "Romney".

Thank You Newt

...I admit that I have only read bits and pieces of the story. This article explained just about everything to me.

Of course Ron Paul threw GJ out of his office when he came to ask "his blessing" as he understood the deceptive reasons behind it. So many pieces fell into place after reading this entire article and better understanding the history, the Koch Brothers and the current Libertarian Party as well as the reason (not the magazine LOL) behind Ron Paul Republicans.