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List Of Prohibited Items at RNC Convention

As a condition of entry, the following items are inadmissible for safety and security reasons and will not be permitted within the security perimeter established for the 2012 Republican National Convention.

*Weapons, firearms or knives (regardless of size)
*Plastic replicas of weapons (including toy guns)
*Explosives / Fireworks
*Umbrellas (unless provided by the Committee on Arrangements or the 2021 Tampa Bay Host Committee)
*Poles and Sticks
*Laser lights and laser pointers
*Whole Fruit
*Containers of any type (bottles, cans, spray canisters)
*Mace / Pepper Spray / tasers / stun guns, or similar devices
*Sharp and /or pointed objects : razor blades, scissors, knitting needles, screw drivers, etc.
*Leatherman or similar tools
*Whistles, noise makers, horns or drums, unless authorized by convention officials
*Banners, signs or placards
*Flashlights, unless authorized by the Committee on Arrangements Event Production or Security Divisions
*Unopened envelopes or packages(items must be open and available for inspection / screening)
*CAMCORDERS and cases, large cameras with lens (over four inches) - does NOT apply to media.
*Voice enchancement devices, such as bullhorns - does not apply to media
*Tripods for cameras - does not apply to media
*Backpacks or carry cases for binoculars, cameras - does not apply to media

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Oh! And just 2 more little things you won't be needing:

*Liberty - Because who really needs it anyway?
*Pocket sized copy of the Constitution - Because who really needs the Constitution anyway?

(But then again, we should've known by now that those two things would never be present again at the "GOP Establishment Convention".)

You missed a few other banned items in Tampa...

Independent thought.
Ron Paul.
Thoughts about Ron Paul.
Shirts about Ron Paul.
Giving speeches about Ron Paul.
Nominating Ron Paul.
Nominating a new vice pick for Romney.
Changing the platform to something that isn't bat*&^% crazy.
Not saluting Romney.
Not saluting Ryan.
Booing Dick Cheney.
Calling Rumsfeld a war criminal.
Not clapping loudly enough at Romney's lame speech.
Not clapping loudly enough at Ryan's lame speech.
Voting your conscience on the first ballot.
Voting your conscience on any ballot.
Not pledging allegiance to Monsanto/GE/Citi/Goldman/JPM.
Not telling everyone you meet how much more important Israel is than us.

Does this mean...

they will actually allow the Ron Paul Chocolate Bars inside? I didn't see it on the list.


No kidding. You could just see a ban on chocolate huh? Sad. What a joke the RNC Convention is going to be.

chocolate and pachouli oil

... combine to form a powerful new al-CIA-duh weapon which the dangerous liberty activists are plotting to use to overthrow the establishment. The HORROR !!! luckily ... the RNC will have the latest CIA security attache´

And take a keychain camera

In addition to cell phone cameras, the 808 "spy" cameras are a great tool to have. Here's one:


and here's a sample video taken with mine at the Georgia GOP convention:


They're unobtrusive and you can be discrete in using them. Yes, they can be a bit tricky to aim but practice helps.

You could do that, yes. But I

You could do that, yes. But I wouldn't dare publish any of that footage. They will bust you for felony wiretapping because in FL you need the consent of both parties to record. The list of prohibited items above doesn't sound like consent to me.

Blessings )o(

very important

point - do you have a link to State Statute? This is possibly a back-door to arresting a bunch of liberty folk. They might even make it a "whore media featured event" ... so don't do the { Orwellian } "crime" if you can't do the time. Better to confront this travesty head-on, and outsmart the ( surprisingly dumb ) "law" at the same time within the framework of their own crooked-ass system.

I didn't even have to look far :)

A fellow DPer did all the work for us. There are links to the actual statute/law in this DP post.


Blessings )o(

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Amazing video and audio



what ever food does the trick.

Ron Paul 2012; Rand Paul 2016

I Have Not Heard Official If Ron Paul Is Going To Attend The RNC

Matter of fact, I haven't heard much from the Ron Paul in 2012 Campaign in days...

I read that he's taking a bus

he's taking a bus from the Rally to the RNC. he'll be there. It's what's going to be our ace in the whole.

If He Is Nominated, He Will Attend!!! ( : ( :

( : The next President of the United States, Ron Paul! Go Ron Paul Delegates!!! We will be rooting for you the entire time!! We owe you a lot for fighting to take back our country. God Bless You and Peace Be With You!


We stil need to petition Fox19 in Cincinnati

to send Ben Swann to the convention. He's the only one that provide accurate media coverage. Please contact them.

A wrestling fan trick perhaps?

In the world of pro-wrestling, sometimes wrestling promoters don't want fans bringing in certain signs (vulgar language/images in the crowd on live tv, brands of a competing organization, etc.) and I noticed that Sharpies/Markers are not on the list of banned items. Sharpies come in all kinds of fun colors and write on just about anything... perhaps even a Romney sign. This is what the determined wrestling fans do when they want to start a little trouble... they fashion their signs on the spot once they are inside the gate. :-)

Obviously Romney signs are going to be provided once inside the gate... like a concert you can't bring your own bottle of water in but there's some $10 water available for sale inside... if ya catch my analogy.

Revolution Graffiti!! Permanent markers, black and all colors, are your friends. Also... buy them BEFORE going to Tampa to make sure you have them!! Waiting until you get there to buy them is a recipe for denial of artist tools. And passing markers around at an RNC event like joints at a Bob Marley concert will definitely arouse suspicion and most likely get you removed. Don't pretend that security won't be dicks... they will be. They will be.

RNC Improv

Nice idea. Also bring a "WHITE-OUT" PEN or "WHITE-OUT" TAPE.
On a ROMNEY - RYAN placard,
1) On "ROMNEY" - white out the M, E, Y - leaves RON
2) On "RYAN" -
...a) white out the leg of the R and the Y and N - leaves PA
...b) with black marker, add UL.

RO N - P A U L

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

Sharpie on a plain white T-shirt

What better sign than yourself?
Bring in your sharpie and once inside (maybe in the restroom) write your message on your shirt.

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Do we know for sure that Ron

Do we know for sure that Ron Paul will not be at the RNC convention? I am still hearing that he will be and is speaking from some people, then shortly after I hear the opposite from others..

Ron Paul is NOT on the list of speakers

HOWEVER if he is nominated from the floor I believe he will be afforded the opportunity to speak. my guess - probably at some time not televised...


I had to laugh at the line item concerning whole fruit. Well then, how about some rotten eggs for Mr. Priebus, fascist extraordinaire?

Just dice the fruit then I

Just dice the fruit then I assume it's allowed XD

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Ben Swann or one of Alex

Ben Swann or one of Alex Jones' reporters.

can we start a petition

begging Ben Swann to come to Tampa as media?

The GOP's taking Lady Liberty hostage is complete....

...Dr. Paul is not welcome
...voting for Dr. Paul is not allowed
...signs declaring support for Dr. Paul and liberty are not allowed
...filming of the hostage crisis of liberty and free thought is not allowed.

On the bright side, perhaps most Romney supporters will not read this list and their delay getting in will put the "convention" way off schedule...

you're still allowed to have legs

... in the convention. Use them to make the most powerful statement of all

the great walkout of 2012 if the GOP fails to give respect due to Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul...

(No) Bottles & cans

Just clap your hands. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EPfmNxKLDG4

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

You cannot defend yourself

They probably hid all the rocks too. Can't carry much without a backpack. Don't buy a tater tot it has a pointed stick. can't stick your ron paul signs in the ground without a pointed end.

There are no rocks in Tampa.

There are no rocks in Tampa. The town is built on fill dredged from the bottom of the bay.

Blessings )o(

Eat Cabbage

And cauliflower for a few days prior.

To my Liberal Trolls:
"Really Don't mind if you sit this one out. Your words but a whisper, your deafness a shout. I may make you feel, but I can't make you think."
Ian Anderson 1972