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I went to the Mall Today and The Private Sector is doing just Fine -Video

Hey Everyone,

So I went to a mall that I always used to shop at but had not been there in about a year and a half...

The awkward feeling I had was pretty disturbing to me...

I made a video so you can see what I mean


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Excellent observation.

Way to edit in that Obama clip. This should be cut down to one-minute and aired as a commercial.

I noticed that one of the few shops left open was a game store. Got to keep the people pacified.

Good work and way to go thinking for yourself. Cause and effect.

That is scary

Thanks Banksters for stealing the majourity of wealth off of all of us!

Am I not the only expatriate?

I remember a Swiss friend of mine telling me not long after I came overseas that he wouldn't recommend living abroad for more than a couple years. He thought I'd never quite feel like it was my home, but when I came back to America things would never be the same there either. I don't think my friend realized how right he was about the "never be the same" part. Last time I lived in America, 9/11 hadn't happened, I thought gas was getting expensive at $1.50 a gallon, the housing bubble hadn't popped. Malls were crowded, probably even in Detroit. Your video makes me wonder if you don't have to go anywhere to feel like an expatriate any more. Things seem to be changing so fast.

I've wondered now and then how my generation and my parents' generation turned out to be steeped in luxury and convenience, so much so that we don't even realize we are--we think our lives are normal. I've felt blessed for being able to do all kinds of interesting and exciting things instead of spending my life just growing food to eat, hand-making and hand-washing clothes, getting by and surviving. And now I wonder how long until we sorely wish we had the ability to grow food to eat, get by and survive.

Is our idea of a "normal way of life" really an illusion, and is that illusion starting to disappear? That's the train of thought your video has set rolling. Great choice of music, and the Obama excerpt so very fitting!

Thanks for the video - it certainly is a creepy feeling to see

what's happening all over the country.

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

Your Welcome....

definitely creepy, but it's not everywhere.. I made it for the rest of my friends who live in these cities where things are still ok. They dont realize what the rest of America Looks like and why people are so disgusted by this President.


...on the other hand, our local mall is even worse.

I live in a suburb north of Cincinnati. Our local mall has lost 2 of the three anchor stores...Sears is all thats left. Their may be 3 or 4 occupied spaces...a jewler, a discount shoe store, and Radio Shack. There is a food court that is about 75% occupied but the mall in general is about 60% to 70% unoccupied. It is a ghost town. It is a disaster.

There are many YouTube vids showing this all across the country. The Republicons, the Democraps, their corrupt friends, the MIC and the criminal bankers have destroyed the country.

The only question now is; How do we manage the massive deleveraging that is coming and survive with our freedom and our lives intact?


Just the pics say it all.

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What the? > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MTIwY3_-ks


the same at a few malls in my city. Completely vacant, as well as all the retail space's in shopping centers. I'd say 40% empty. :(

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This is terrible. Was this mall in Florida? Thanks for sharing the video.

Yea, It was in Florida

I've been living in and out of Crystal River for 7 years now. I hadn't been to that mall in about a year and a half... Needless to say I was very taken aback.


A picture is worth a thousand words.

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Currency collapse

Business is just dying. Slow motion collapse. This could take a while to finally roll over and drop dead.

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I know were the shoppers are.

I saw them on the first Saturday of each month at the Spring Hill Tn.Goodwill Store. On the first Saturday of the month Goodwill has 50% off all purchases.
The parking lot is filled to the Max and cars are parked on the side of the street. You know things are bad in the south when Waffle house and Krystal burger joints close in my town.
Don't look now the big big boys are buying gold now.Soros and Paulson are. Lots of it too.If there worried. Then look out.They should have listened to Dr.Paul's words of wisdom in the eighties when gold was 300 a ounce and silver 3 bucks.Dr.Paul warned anyone with ears to hear that the day of reckoning with fiat money was coming.I hope there are more JMGR aka Junior Mogambo Guru Rangers out there for when the SHTF.

Money talks and dogs bark


It wouldn't surprise me if Homeland Security ends up taking over vacant shopping malls, they would be perfect for temporary detention centers.

This was the wrong thing to

This was the wrong thing to look at right before going to bed! Ya'll are gonna give me bad dreams!


A lot of shoppers would probably not notice the difference.

Ha ha!!

I know my husband wouldn't.

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Great Vid.

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And it's a Tax Holiday in Texas for back to school

Things are slow, except maybe at Walmart.

and when China dumps the Dollar

WalMart will be transformed into a government dispensary... A Fema Food shelter