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Ron Paul supporters with facebook...(clever idea)

We all know football season is coming up. Ive come up with a pretty clever idea...there are 32 football team/32 nfl team facebook accounts with upwards to 4 million facebook 'likes.'

I 'first commented' "Ron Paul" on the Tampa Bucs page a couple times (actual bucs fan), and actually got other buc fans talking about it. What if we start getting a lot of Ron Paul supporters 'liking' every NFL team so we can get the word out to all these NFL fans?! Some reading this may think 'paulbot' or 'spamming' but cmon now...honestly idc. Maybe we can get some football fans to wake up?

(no arguing, just state facts...maybe have a short message already ready to paste it once a football team updates its status?)

Also feel free to comment on http://www.truthpursuers.com/

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That is clever!

Love the ideas!

Peyton Hillis

Arian Foster: "I'm voting for Ron Paul"


Cleveland Brown Tony Pashos Endorses Ron Paul (1-29-12)


UFC fighter Chris Lytle is a Ron Paul Republican


appreciate you guys

appreciate you guys supporting this, just keep it simple...you dont want to confuse them ;)

don't just randomly bring it up....

You have to pick the right team and work it into the discussion or they might be turned off and accuse you of spam.

On the New England page: "It's really unfortunate how the meaning of "Patriot" has been distorted ever since the Bush years. You know who's a true Patriot? Ron Paul. What do you know about him?"

On the San Francisco page: "The 49ers went west in search of gold. Speaking of gold, do you realize the many ways your hard earned money is being devalued since we no longer adhere to the gold standard? Check out this YouTube clip by Congressman Ron Paul."

On the Houston page: "I'm pretty excited about the Texans' season this year. We could go all the way. There's another Texan that can go all the way to the White House - Ron Paul. Did you hear how he's collecting all the delegates for the Republican Convention next week?"

Sure, why not!

I'm sure someone could come up with a clever illustration contrasting a "strong defense" (defending your own goal line) vs. "preemptive aggression" (beating up players on the opposing bench because they MIGHT get put in the game and be the one who makes a game-winning play.)



"Jesus answered them: 'Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son remains forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.'" (John 8:34-36)

Can't hurt.

People still consumed with sports when our constitution has been set on fire CLEARLY need some doses of reality.

I used to be a HUGE Cowboys fan, Nascar Fan, and even regularly watched "The Great Game" and hoops...but since I "woke up" none of those games hold my attention too long.

The fighter jets flying over the events always piss me off and I now have to mute the star spangled banner so I don't puke...

I live surrounded by the MIC and every day I drive past a billboard that has a high gloss picture of the new F35 fighter. Pilots are being trained here. Anyway, guess what it says below the F35?


I wish I had a huge picture of President Paul to paste right over the top to the fighter jet. LOL! That would be GREAT!

I used to watch football,

now i root for my country by supporting Ron Paul Nov 2012. something like this.

yt = classicalliberalism

Patriotic Senex

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I think it is a clever

idea...anything that helps get the word out and can get people talking about Ron Paul and libery is ok in my book...:)

Ive seen some people

Ive seen some people commenting with Romney defaults but not saying anything about Romney. So if you want also change your default?