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MSNBC Banksters & Government Exposed FINALLY By Mainstream News (2 years ago!)

Finally mainstream has fraudulent bankers and scumbag Greenspan as the parties responsible for this economic crisis. Ron Paul co-sponsor of Audit the Fed Alan Grayson Dem interviewed.


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Excellent Summary

I don't understand all the down-votes? I thought this was a SUPER video! It explains things very well. It even mentions Ron Paul and what needs to be done.

I up-voted it. Date hasn't changed it's relevancy.

I disagree about blaming Alan Greenspan for EVERYTHING!

He WAS wrong to urge people into adjustable rate mortgages when rates were going up. But regarding the other stuff, I saw some of his testimony before congress, and he seemed sincerely remorseful and sorry. He DID apologize for his errors and mistakes, and he got teary...one could see he was truly bothered and upset in hindsight over the decisions and choices he had mad. I felt bad/sad for him reflecting on his life in his old age and what his legacy would be.

Good video to bookmark.
Thank you very much for posting!