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Former RP staffer, Ryan Flood, runs for Iowa Senate

Please help give his campaign a kick-start! No contribution is too small!



The Iowa Senate is just a couple of seats short of Republican control
- and Ryan is extremely worthy of our support!

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Finally a candidate I can

Finally a candidate I can vote for in Iowa!!

Get 'em Flood!

Get 'em Flood!

DONATE!!! Flood for Senate(Iowa) www.rally.org/floodforsenate/donate



Without Ryan's help the liberty movement would not have performed as well as they did throughout the district and state conventions. If you are able, please consider donating any amount you can. https://www.rally.org/floodforsenate/donate

Ryan worked for the Ron Paul campaign in Iowa and briefly, for Liberty For All. I first met Ryan in the lead up to Iowa's district conventions. If it were not for his tireless effort there would not be 23 Ron Paul delegates from Iowa going to Tampa out of 28!

I had a sit-down with Ryan a few days ago. An effective strategy to win has been put in place. We just need to raise the funds to get the job done. We also have a voter registration edge. There are 14,034 Republicans, 13,091 Democrats and another 16,722 voters registered as “no party” in the district. Former newscaster Liz Mathis is the incumbent. She has a big name-recognition advantage but is lockstep with the Democrat establishment.

The Iowa Senate is split 26-24, democrat to republican. With one or two liberty senators we can control the Senate! This is a huge opportunity for the liberty movement.

If there is any amount you can give, please do so. https://www.rally.org/floodforsenate/donate

Again, no amount is too small.

Thank you from Iowa. WE greatly appreciate it!


DONATE!!! Flood for Senate(Iowa) www.rally.org/floodforsenate/donate