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And While You Were Busy With Politics...

Stuff you should have been speaking out about an amassing to stop, like this, has been going on... and you have said and done... nothing!

Question: What is the political solution to this? Anyone??? And for the sake of argument, let's assume a miracle and Ron Paul does NOT have the Presidency and executive power he wouldn't use to stop this... then what???


If we don't give a damn to stop this, EVERYTHING else is irrelevant!!! Unless, no, well, do you think they would wait until the election is over??? I mean surely they would at least give us a chance to stop them in their tracks by allowing somebody like Ron Paul to be in a position of power... (Hold on to that dream!)

Let the insults fly...

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Numberous ones

Many ideologies from the right and left have come up and stand for the Bill of Rights, but until Ron Paul.. no one invited us to occupy the government.

We need to stop that sh!t

Always work on issues. How do you stop that though?

Jack Wagner

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The same classic answers to all of tyranny.

The public must be educated so they see this is antithetical to their self interest. Americans must see it is not a fight between Reps/Dems but of the common person against the privileged and armed elite.

We must build with our neighbors, local community systems for alternative institutions and commerce and legality, for resilience and stability and safety.

I have a blog that has been advocating that

from the get go... And yet on here if it is not campaign related, the poster is verbally attacked. Go figure...

But that has to wait until the campaign is over...

So I am told, and told, and told again. With the use of "colorful" language, to say it politely...

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Patience. We'll be past Tampa very soon.

Then we'll all look at the cards in our hands and decide the ongoing strategy.



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