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Citizens arrest of the politicians

Why can't WE THE PEOPLE use citizens arrest of those politicians who are committing felonies
And treasonous acts against us the senate as well as congress are just continualy letting the problem get worse and worse I was under the impression that our elected officials were to protect our constitution not dismantle it
Does anyone know if this can be done and how to properly go about it
I think we should make the arrest at the convention for starters we will have enough military there and they should have no problem carrying out this task on our behalf
Please if anyone knows of a group that has already proceeded with this let me know
Thxs see u all in tampa

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I don't think it would be too productive

to have some of our delegates kicked out while trying to arrest someone. There is a time and place for everything and this is neither. Not a good idea.

A good place to start is the sheriffs.

Sheriffs have the LEGAL obligation to arrest traitors with their jurisdictions. If enough of their constituents came forward willing to be deputized to arrest members of Congress, the sheriffs would be caught in a pretty dicey situation. Enough might do the right thing and start a firestorm of resistance to the tyrants in Washington.

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Plainly because

"we the people" who are awake are the small minority. the majority who happily support jailing of protesters and dissidents are still inside the Matrix. Our only path is education and peaceable parallel systems, just as Dr. Paul and most libertarian thinkers have said.

And Tampa is one of the best opportunities yet for a major educational impact. One one side, all the glitter and pomp and coercive violence; one the other side, peaceable, rational, knowledgeable enthusiasts for Liberty. The contrast is as stark as that between Dr. Paul & the NeoCons in the 2007 Rep. debates. That started the awakening of many. Let this 2nd experience bring a whole new wave of minds opened.

Thxs for the info

Thxs joe for the link


Battle of Athens

Thanks for posting.

Is that what it's going to take?

All our delegates should be military. Not a bad idea?

Veterans Foreign Wars Magazine Battle of Athens August 2012


Ex-GIs Battle For The Ballot
Kelly Gibson

In 1946, a group of WWII veterans overthrew a political machine in the small community of Athens, Tenn., to take back their local government with the support of local VFW members.

Amazing story and a must read.

November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
"We must remember, elections are short-term efforts. Revolutions are long-term projects." ~ Ron Paul

Underestimating the opposition

What is the cost of expecting the opposition to be honest, to be honorable, and what is the cost of expecting the opposition to be unlikely to resort to aggressive violence to protect their crimes made legal, their advantages they place in front of you, making you obey the rules that they say they don't have to obey?

What is the cost?

Broken fingers, a broken hip?


To underestimate

would be akin to losing before you start. The goal is the same but times are very different than McMinn County, TN in the 1940's. We cannot start something we cannot finish...

.....knowledge is power.

All forms of POWER


Bring the Troops HOME

Ron Paul may know a whole lot more about the stakes, what POWERS threaten Liberty, and which POWERS defend Liberty, than the average person.

The proof of what someone knows, the POWER of what they know, is proven, to me at least, in their plans of actions that address the specific causes of the threats to Liberty.

I take in information, like this topic, and like that video link above, and in each case, over time, the same obvious solutions arise.


Why does that solve the problem of Liberty being stolen?

The FED is the MONOPOLY SUPPLY OF PURCHASING POWER being stolen from The People as The POWER TO PURCHASE is taken out of circulation and in place of The POWER TO PURCHASE is a counterfeit version, a GO Engineered FALSE version of money, a Big Lie, that everyone somehow "believes", with a wink, and a nod, like the fairy tail of an emperor with such beautiful clothes. A child can see that the emperor is naked, but we "believe" that the stuff in our wallets, and the stuff in our bank accounts, is money.

It is fraud.

It is a very destructive crime in progress and there is, much to some people's chagrin, an Official Score Board:


Laughing all the way to their Fraud Bank.

The laugh is on us, people, so go to the mirror and laugh too, all the way to the gas chambers that are going to be the end of this trail. Look at that laugh, staring back at you, in that mirror, it will be funny for awhile longer, but the clock has been ticking for some time now.

End THE FED, competitively, legally, peacefully, easily, by inventing, producing, and utilizing Honest Money (accurate/powerful/equitable/money/ of higher quality and lower cost) instead of the FED Fraud patented seed money, one way money, crime money, and The FED vanishes into a long gone nightmare.

You think I'm nuts, sure, but this happens to also be in Ron Paul's' short laundry list, so laugh away people, have your fun while it lasts.

End the IRS
This can also be done peacefully, without firing a shot, unless in defense of life, etc., (I can't list what is etc. for anyone else, but etc. for me includes my children's lives, not just my own life), and this is as vital as ending The FED, because this is the POWER that makes the FRAUD MONEY POWER POWERFUL, in other words there is a Man-Made (Criminal Man Made) demand for the FRAUD money because the criminals tell you that you have to pay Income Taxes to the "Federal" government (a big lie) and you have to pay those tax "liabilities" with, guess what, wait for it...

Federal Reserve Notes.

Ta. Da.

The loop is almost closed around your neck with 1 and 2.

Not quite yet.

But end The IRS easily, peacefully, and in unison, do so on a day in the future, put the day on your calender, and all the Friends of Liberty on that calender can follow suit, if any are left, perhaps only 2, or 4, then maybe 16, exponential growth, the day approaches, the day is here, one year from now, whatever works best, and on that day, sorry, too bad for you, we don't pay no stinking Fraud Money to no stinking Frauds anymore, so take off hosers, if you want to go Policing the World with the POWER you once took from us, well go ahead, but not without our "help".

Cut that credit card with 1 and 2.


Do it by next year?

Why not?

Look in the mirror if you want the accurate answer and if you ask the question then why not answer the question accurately?

Bring the Troops Home.

That can't happen without Executive Order or an internal political battle among the Military personnel, no different than Tax Payers feeding the Monster on the Civilian end of things. We "taxpayers" of IRS "Income Tax" feed the MONSTER with the Fraud Money Issue made by that MONSTER (the actual criminals who collect all that fraudulent "Debt"), but the all "volunteer" military is fed with personnel, people, and that POWER has to either be ordered to come home, by the Commander in Chief, because that is how that works, or that POWER has to be starved out, just like the civilians no longer paying into the "Federal" crime ring, the military personnel would have to stop feeding that Beast gone rogue, by refusing to obey unlawful orders, in unison.

That is in their own Universal Military Code of Justice.


I have not found the actual ORDERS to be followed, but I trust, I know, it is in that particular LAW POWER.

Mere words.

People have to act, and like it or not, this is a struggle that involves the power of numbers.

May God have mercy on our souls, because those most powerful criminals, who have names, GIVE no mercy to their targeted victims.

I could go on, and on, with how America is being sold out, the new bosses (debt collectors) will be based in China, but who would listen to a conspiracy theorist, or equitablist?

You want to know the problem and the solution?


Get up.

Go to the bathroom.

Look in the mirror.

You have found the problem staring back, and that is the source of the solution.

Have a nice day.


Are you taking

aim at my comment, because if you are you misinterpreted what I was saying, but it was still good to say it again. I only said if we start something(and we have) we darn well better be prepared to finish it. If Athens were to happen today, it might have a different outcome.

RP knows precisely the cause of our problems, what needs to be done to correct it, and the stakes if it is not. I believe he cannot get into the details, but has to keep to the message he has been espousing. To do more would bog down the campaign, muddy the waters, and give fodder to opponents. You know.."keep it simple".

We don't have much time and may not get such a hard fought for opportunity again. We can thank him for hammering away at the masses for over 30 yrs for that opportunity.

Knowledge IS power and people are waking up, but we have to act. Be prepared if the RNC does not go as hoped. What then....those closely involved have to have a plan because this historic fight to defend freedom and the Constitution cannot fade into obscurity.

Fight on friend.

Confusion as a rule?

"I only said if we start something(and we have) we darn well better be prepared to finish it"

I agree.

My aim was to aim at every potential threat, since every power we have is targeted by them for exploitation.

Our enemies have every base covered.

That is not so bad, since all we really have to do is stop sending them our power through that Money Monopoly Crime in Progress, and then we have power for defense.

The key, in my opinion, is to have ready competitive currency working better and better, gaining currency, because that forces those criminals out of business.

In other words:

Instead of us providing the means by which we suffer, we stop that flow of power that makes us weaker and them stronger, and we do so with replacement mediums of exchange.

If taxes must be paid, we don't have to pay taxes to the IRS, we can pay taxes to State governments and those State governments are then told by The People who vote with their feet to that State to pay into a Federal Government or not, with Federal Reserve notes or Gold, or Silver, or Corn Futures, who cares?

We The People disconnect ourselves from the Federal Government, as it should be in a Democratic Federated Republic, and our business returns to a more local sphere of influence, our State government, so that the only business that is delegated to the FEDS is that business that all the State governors are willing to pay for or not pay for according to the POWER that the people take back as they pick and choose the better from the worse States.

If New Jersey want's to pay Uncle Sam to arm the drug dealers in New Jersey, then New Jersey can be where all the drug users and drug dealers flock, and that State can pay for it. If New York says no, these people leave our State when we take their money and spend it on arming the drug dealers in New York, so no, we want no part of that in our Federal Government, and even if we did, we could arm the drug dealers ourselves, here in New York.

Thanks but no thanks.

Then the shoe is on the other foot.

Uncle Sam says please, I really want to arm the drug dealers in all these States, please, let me, it won't cost much.

Arizona says, no thanks, if that is the deal, then no deal, we won't be renewing our membership this year.

Oh, and by the way, that Aggressive War for the Profits of a few Central Bankers, says Missouri, that is checked off our to do list too, no money from us for that, and none of our best and brightest for that either.

Sure, civil war drums, but peaceful ones, it's called Liberty my friend, so stand tall.



you've been listening to RP...and verifying the truth of it. Now, if we can get all the sleepers, naysayers and denyers to do the same, things might look differently in the not too distant future.

I hope the drums are peaceful, but...whatever it takes to get our Republic back... and I doubt it will start in NYS.


I've been listening to my conscience and just happening to stumble upon other people doing the same thing; like Ron Paul.

Very few people, apparently, can see the obvious problems and the obvious solutions.

You don't know me, so consider pretending to not know me instead of pretending to know me. It is an idea, not a direct order.

I found Ron Paul back in the 80s when the internet was beginning and NEWS was still bottled up by the Legal Criminals considerably better than today.

My warnings to my fellow Friends of Liberty then were met with snubs and figurative exile, and to find another person spreading the same messages, and then find out that that person held a title as a U.S. Congressman appeared to me to be like finding a black guy parading around within the KKK shouting cracker!

As to where it starts, I agree, it won't be starting in Legal Fictions, people have to look in the mirror, or reach down into their souls.


You were

ahead of me. My brother talked about RP 30 yrs ago, but he didn't explain well, a man of few words. It took me another 25 to realize the MSM was a joke...the entire political system and everything that entails for that matter.

I believe we are on the same page my friend, just gotta pinch some of those people and wake them up before they even realize there is a reason to look in the mirror....sleep well.