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DPers: RomneyRyan.com Site Owner Requests Help & New Ideas

I'm the owner of this domain name www.romneyryan.com. At first I simply planned on never developing this domain name and simply selling it off. Then, once I realized getting a decent price wouldn't be as easy as I first thought, I decided to make a joke about Mitt Romney to get attention. Then, once I realized that people were actually paying attention to what I had to say, I decided to promote Ron Paul's candidacy. I've had almost 100,000 people visit RomneyRyan.com so far, but I know that unless I provide fresh content, interest will most likely fade. So, if anyone wants to design a page and send it to me, I'll put it up on the site. Ideally I'll have the homepage rotate randomly, with a link to visit another random page at the bottom. I'd like it to become a rotating online soap box, where everyone can have a turn sharing their creation. I'm still working out the details so don't send me anything just yet, but if enough people participate maybe this site can live on for longer than I originally anticipated.

Please let me know what you think,


Update: Neil Cavuto Interview with Site Owner Peter Crowley:

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Ha Ha Ha

ha ha ha ha ha
ha ha ha ha ha

love it

I think this video is a good Video to go up on RomneyRyan


This is a good video in my opinion, full of info set in a factual manner.

Lots of Ben Swann too!

am willing to help!

Peter, if you keep the site for the purpose spreading the liberty message, I am totally willing to donate my web design skills. Portfolio is here : http://waxlilydesign.com

There are many ways to make money on high-traffic sites. However, not sure you'll see an immediate $$ return like you would if sell for many thousands at auction this week.

At the same time, $3- or $5,000 sounds extremely low. The only people who have a stake in this domain is the Romney campaign itself. Anyone else bidding either plans to hit the campaign up directly to resell, or plans on setting up their own quick-money ad site. Could end up just a wall of ads...

Seems to me that if the campaign is going to attempt to retain romneyryan.com, they will do so very soon. After Tampa, if you don't hear from them, they've moved on to plan B.

For instance, http://electromneyryan.com/ is for sale through godaddy for a mere $5,000. The campaign will most likely hire a web dev company who will have the SEO knowledge to bump up whatever domain the campaign decide's to go with into top search result.

Just some thoughts.

Predictions Video & actual history/orgin of the TEA PARTY

movement Dec 16th, 2007 Money Bomb for Ron Paul.
Put some Videos of it Media talking to Paul about the Money Bomb.

Predictions Video Very Important and huge OMG effect.

Obama-Romney-Ryan : Goldman Sachs connection very important as well.

Also: Romney-Ryan now talking about how they are going to change Obamacare not REPEAL it. What a coup that is. Healthcare reform|Tax should be repealed! not modified.

I have lots of anti Romney stuff on my blog


"In the end, more than they wanted freedom, they wanted security. They wanted a comfortable life, and they lost it all -- security, comfort, and freedom. When ... the freedom they wished for was freedom from responsibility, then Athens ceased to be free."

Want to promote liberty ... AND make money?

Then have someone (perhaps the professionals who did some of the Ron Paul TV ads) put short videos up that show why voting for Romney/Ryan is a bad idea, and that Obama/Whoever is also a very bad idea, and that Ron Paul is fighting against abusive tactics within the GOP to fight for liberty and he should be nominated at the convention.

Make it look as PROFESSIONAL as you can!!! (VERY IMPORTANT, no "tin foil hat stuff.")

With videos on the RomneyRyan website that GOP delegates can watch from the convention floor - at the urging of Ron Paul supporters - maybe it could be enough to case a last-minute shift and get Ron Paul nominated.

If that happens, GREAT. If Ron Paul is not nominated, then continue with the videos during the general election showing the truth about Romney/Ryan.

My guess is that one of two things will happen:

(1) You help get Ron Paul nominated, or
(2) "Someone" (let's call him Mr. Romney's Guy) decideds to buy you out so they can silence you. I'd say a price tag of $50,000 should do it.

(You owe me a 10% commission.)

That's the ticket, bro.


All I can say is a great big Thank You. Earlier today there were two pages designed for the Delegates at the RNC. He said it was ok to copy it. Maybe that would be a first addition for you if he went along. I am sure there will be plenty of information available maybe help would come from the Daily Paul itself in the form of main frame computers. Maybe even a digital copy of the Ron Paul Super Brochure. All things are possible.

i really don't have any

i really don't have any suggestions. i have my own problems. microplant powder sounds really good. write about microplant powder and auto-mechanics

but if you like books, write about the books you read.

The Creature from Jekyll Island

books by Ron Paul.

The Case Against Fluoride. etc. etc.

i'm on page 26 of The Discovery of the Nag Hammadi Texts by jean doresse...
and page 40 something of a brian moore novel. i just had checked these out yesterday.

But since you got Fox News' attention, turn all that capital into an alex jones invasion of the minds of americans. There is a war on for their mind.


How about not selling it,

How about not selling it, getting moneybombs from the DP and just use it to TELL THE ROMNEY SUPPORTERS the truth. I think you have a chance to educate alot of people with your site sir and thats what i would do.

Nice website

The countdown is almost over, dont give up!!

I first read about this on

I first read about this on the front page of Reddit


"If you love your Freedom do not hope on others,get it by yourself if you can, otherwise you do not deserve it!" Rigas Feraios, Thourios (1760 A.D.)

include articles and links

include articles and links to

gerald celente
steve quayle
max keiser
david icke
lew rockwell at lewrockwell.com

and others....

just a suggestion.


bring in as much of alex

bring in as much of alex jones you think is believable to you.


a link to all the infowars

a link to all the infowars websites




I'd love for there to be a link to WhyRonPaul.com. We haven't updated it much since it launched other than ongoing maintenance, but it is pretty full-featured and easy to use.


Shut him down he is talking about Dr. Paul!!!!!!...Once we have removed the veil of forced propaganda...These things are sooooooo obvious....I can't even watch any of those scumbags anymore...I'm turning into Alex Jones...Dang...

Bad food, worse weather, please rEVOLution the states so I can bring my family back home!
Rosa Koire for for President!

If you haven't already used

If you haven't already used Google's AdWords, they offer a free $100 credit when you first sign up. You can get your website at the top of search results for 100 people or more. (I assume you've already used this since you own websites)

I also suggest all DPers to search "Romney Ryan" on Google and click the website. This could help move the site up in the search rankings.

Ron Paul deserves his own (non-federal) holiday! http://ronpaulholiday.com/

This is what I would do

1) Make the the site a wordpress blog using the thesis theme.
2) Ask Ron Paul supporters to place a link to your site on their sites to build link popularity for the purpose of search engine optimazation.
3) Allow people to submit articles you approve on your blog.
4) Only allow content that is factually true. List the political positions of Romney, Obama, and Paul.
5) Place Adsense banners to earn some revenue to recoup your costs of purchasing all the domains, and hopefully you can make a profit.

Contact me if you want me to expand further.


Ad soon as he started talking about Ron Paul, I can imagine people in the back room running around like chickens with their heads cut off, yelling "cut the feed, CUT THE FEED!".

I would advise against being

I would advise against being only a source for negative info--as an attack on Romney and Ryan. GOP voters are going to have their guard up and you will come across as a leftist site--even though you please all of the Ron Paul faithful.

I would take a posture of exposing Romney/Ryan's true positions and how they are not truly "conservative."
And ask the question, "Can we, as conservatives (or even just americans), afford to, once again, put forward candidates to lead our party who are simply more of the same?" Are we really going to do this again, as a party?

You might either link to the poll I put up on my site - or do your own. That asks,
"Given the recent fiasco (see video) and the inability of the Romney campaign to effectively take on Obamacare, should the Republican delegates dump Romney at the convention (it has happened before) and pick someone else?"

This has a huge response in the poll. Check it out:

Check out http://iroots.org/
"If you’re into political activism, at least for Ron Paul if not for anyone else, I strongly recommend spending some time with iroots.org." - Tom Woods

You should offer a trade to

You should offer a trade to the Romney campaign. The domain name for a speaking rope at the convention! He should have made the offer directly to Mitt Romney on air!

Spoof Romney's official campaign site...

and replace all the rhetoric with the truth...

Let visitors submit RR jokes that you and your friends could choose from one once a week to feature as the Joke of the Week...

Start a newsletter to go along with it to keep people up to date on the gaffes and other RR developments...

Photoshop a picture of Ayn Rand's and Paul Ryan's heads onto an image of a mother spanking a child with Romney cowering behind something like he's next - make a contest for creating the best captions. (Extend this to other scenarios)

Take a picture of a big, steamy pile of dog shit, put it on the main page, and do nothing else.

I'll keep brainstorming.

This is what I would do.

I would become an agent of Obama and smear the tell the Truth about the Romney Ryan.
Maybe even sell it to Obama Super Pac.



Use It to Educate!

Here's a link to some issues Romney supporters don't realize, along with links.


I think converting it into satirical form, as suggested below, would be most effective.

p.s. I love the part about, like Romney, the domain is for sale.

Awesome LOL

Great score bud.... nice going ;)

I suggest making it a Romney

I suggest making it a Romney Ryan satirical advertisement. An honest one. From a liberty perspective. For example.

Rather than saying: Romney's stance is the same as Obama's on health care... and this is evil

Say: Romney believes in an America in which all Americans are provided with health care. Since not all Americans can afford health insurance, Romney believes that forcing each individual to buy their own insurance will provide them with the health care they might need. As an added benefit, this increases revenues private insurance companies receive from the currently uninsured, boosting our economy. Romney learned this double win mentality while at Bain Capital, simply stated: When everyone is forced to by a product, everyone has that product. President Obama, lacking business savvy, copied Romney's health care mandate, and has attempted to pass it off as his own. Elect Romney as president. And restore our economy now.


It's nice to see entrepreneurship still succeding in America. I love the fact until he sells his site that, he's promoting Ron Paul's philosophy. We need to wake up some of those sheep.

Well if RomnObama doesn't want the site...

Dr. Paul's campaign should buy it!!! Great job though, Neil seemed taken back at the end of the interview...although Neil does tend to give favorable coverage to us...

Such great work!

Really like it! Consider linking to this when I'm done: http://www.dailypaul.com/249661/rnc-1-sheet-almost-done-any-...

Jack Wagner