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DPers: RomneyRyan.com Site Owner Requests Help & New Ideas

I'm the owner of this domain name www.romneyryan.com. At first I simply planned on never developing this domain name and simply selling it off. Then, once I realized getting a decent price wouldn't be as easy as I first thought, I decided to make a joke about Mitt Romney to get attention. Then, once I realized that people were actually paying attention to what I had to say, I decided to promote Ron Paul's candidacy. I've had almost 100,000 people visit RomneyRyan.com so far, but I know that unless I provide fresh content, interest will most likely fade. So, if anyone wants to design a page and send it to me, I'll put it up on the site. Ideally I'll have the homepage rotate randomly, with a link to visit another random page at the bottom. I'd like it to become a rotating online soap box, where everyone can have a turn sharing their creation. I'm still working out the details so don't send me anything just yet, but if enough people participate maybe this site can live on for longer than I originally anticipated.

Please let me know what you think,


Update: Neil Cavuto Interview with Site Owner Peter Crowley:

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Any Liberty cause

is welcome to use original graphics from my blog. About a half dozen are specific to Ron Paul and the r3VOLution: http://libertypencil.blogspot.com/

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Peter, GREAT job starting this site and may you find
all the help you need from this talented bunch!

    And thank you SO MUCH for replacing the last video. :)
    U P D A T E: Predictions in Due Time