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To The Liberty Delegates: How To Protest At The RNC

The Republican National Convention in Tampon, Florida is coming up soon (8/27/12-8/30/12). I attended the 2008 convention and, in short, I can tell you that the people running this puppet show will be on their toes this time. No Code Pink or Adam Kokesh slipping in and disrupting the show. They are going to have shit locked down tight so that when you figure out you are a victim of an elaborate ruse, your options will be to sit down and shut up, leave, or protest in one of the few ways available to you.

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Worth the read for a GREAT laugh...

bumping for the new crowd.......

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lol! Good one!

Thanks for the laugh!

If Wars Can Be Started by Lies, They Can Be Stopped By Truth.


Regarding the movie, "Willard," then, as now, Willard was the creep. The head rat's name was Ben (as in the Michael Jackson son song of the same name).

As in Bernanke?

Didn't Ben and friends devour Willard in the sequel?

LOL! I think they should do an organized "moon" wave

When Mitt comes on, turn your backs and moon him....and do it like the sports stadium waves. Even better if music is playing.

what rhymes with Mitt?



I really needed a good laugh.

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If you remember the 60s .. the Movie "Willard"

About a real creep who had herds of rats that kept multiplying. He would sic them on people to get revenge. It's been a long time but I think that the head rat was named Willard. Some things never change.