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Republicans work to get third-party hopefuls off state ballot

From the Associated Press - Reported at dailyitem.com:

HARRISBURG — The state Republican Party is challenging petitions by members of the Constitution and Libertarian parties to get their candidates on Pennsylvania's ballot for president, vice president and a number of other offices.

Line-by-line reviews of the candidates' petition signatures will begin Monday at the Philadelphia Board of Elections.

Analysts say Republicans are probably worried that conservatives dissatisfied with their presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, will defect to Constitution or Libertarian party candidates.

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If you believe the establishment republicans

are scared of Johnson (or any other third party for that matter), you're sadly mistaken...Don't suppose this type of stuff: http://www.komonews.com/news/local/Libertarians-try-to-block... could have anything to do with it..Apparently BOTH parties are trying to have candidates removed from ballots. This is certainly no concentrated effort in trying to remove Johnsons "chances" of winning.

De criminalize Liberty!

PA is a tossup state. Romney isn't scared of Johnson winning.

He's scared of losing by the margin Johnson gets.

No Johnson or Goode, better chance for Mitt to get more anti-Obama votes.

SteveMT's picture

I believe that Ron Paul kept the Repubs. in check for 30 years.

He single-handedly kept them semi-honest. With Ron Paul retiring from Congress, it's like the gates of Hell have been opened. There is nothing that is below them. There is no longer a voice of sanity or truth in this party. The republicans are a despicable lot, not worthy of loyalty or trust. What is next in their bag of tyranny? Assassinations perhaps?

These are evidently..Symptoms of a Failing Mitt Romney POTUS run

no doubt...and we will see more of it, up until Tampa.


I Suggest You

...read this in order to better understand where one third party stands:

In my opinion the Republican Party is hardly afraid of Gary Johnson and the Libertarian Party. You might also want to read more about the history of the Koch Bros and Cato as well:

There are "many" games going on...to jump on the "bad" Republicans out to get 3rd party candidates that they are "so" afraid of off the ballots would be just skimming the surface and drawing a conclusion. There is so much more to it.


The LP

has been... Koch free since '83.


Very Little is Koch-Free

...in my opinion. From CATO to Reason to...lots of things. Orchestrated.


No Surprise

The Republicans used every dirty trick in the book to stop Ron Paul, why should they stop there?

The truth is Romney has no chance if there is a fair vote, witness all the voter suppression laws the Republicans rammed through their controlled state legislatures.

If the Libertarians or Constitution Party candidates are no threat, why are they so worried.