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EPJ Podcast: Butler Shaffer


On today's EPJ podcast, Butler Shaffer mentioned that he has a mock election for his students where he lists 2 candidates and asks them which they'd vote for.

Candidate A is a well known critic of government. Has been involved in tax protest movements. Has openly advocated secession, armed rebellion against the existing national government, even the overthrow of that government. He's a known member of a militia group that was involved in a shootout with law enforcement authorities. He opposes gun control efforts of the present national government as well as restrictions on open immigration in this country. He's a businessman who has earned his fortune from such businesses as alcohol tobacco retailing and smuggling.

Candidate B is a decorated army war veteran. He's an avowed non-smoker and dedicated public health advocate. His public health interest includes fostering medical research, eliminating cancer. He opposes the use of animals in conducting such research. And on and on. Things of that sort. A very politically correct guy.

Candidate A is sort of a composite of the founding fathers. Candidate B is Adolph Hitler.