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Phoenix official orders woman to stop handing out water during heat wave; Needs 'permit'

No, this is not from theonion.com, it's reality.

(NaturalNews) In the United Police States of America, there is no more room for free-thinking individuals that wish to take common sense action as they see fit, at least not when they try to do so without the government's permission. In a shocking display of utter tyranny against a free individual trying to contribute to the greater good, an official in Phoenix, Arizona, recently ordered resident Dana Crow-Smith to stop handing out free bottles of water to thirsty passersby trying to survive the extreme heat wave, claiming that she needs a permit to conduct this act of good will.

WND.com's Bob Unruh reports that Crow-Smith was approached by a Phoenix code enforcement officer during a recent downtown festival, the days of which saw temperatures reach as high as 112 degrees Fahrenheit (nearly 45 degrees Celsius). Crow-Smith says she merely wanted to hand out free water to thirsty festival attendees "as a means of exercising her Christian beliefs."

"It was really hot and, yeah, we wanted to show God's love and a small act of kindness is a great way to do that without shoving it down someone's throat," said Crow-Smith to ABC 15 News in Phoenix.

But Dwayne Grierson, the "Neighborhood Preservation Inspector" who approached Crow-Smith, told the woman that she was in violation of Phoenix City Code because she did not possess a vendor's permit. Handing out free water, she was told, is prohibited in the city of Phoenix without having first jumped through the local government's regulatory hoops, which in essence implies that local citizens are required to get permission from Big Brother before engaging in acts of kindness.


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I 'up-voted' this Post

even though I hate this story and wish it didn't exist.

Funny how that works out.

It was probably the pandas.

Just the legal mafia

protecting the festival concessionaires and local restaurants from a person who might compete with them. Someone might not buy a high fructose diabetic fountain drink if they had a cold drink of free water. Fascists.

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I thought the same thing.

You nailed it. Although it's not the local restaurants' fault that they have to pad more $$ onto the cost of their products, including things like bottled water, in order to cover the astronomical amounts of money needed to run a business.

What I don't understand is why people play along.

Why aren't hoards of citizens marching to city hall and DEMANDING immediate resignations?

This is nuts.

People obviously do not give a damn that they live in a police state.

Because they no longer

understand the difference between right and wrong. They are secularized state worshippers with no moral compass: might makes right.

"Their" reasoning is that

whatever is being handed out, whether water or whatever, can be tainted, poisoned, etc., and then the city can be sued for permitting that to have happened and not keeping its citizens safe. That's the excuse anyway. Though they don't seem to have a problem when people hand out water at marathons.

ecard - that actually makes no sense

the outcome of ANY lawsuit filed against a local, state, Federal gov't is in the hands of The State. The courts have become more like the guys up in the reply booth in football during the last 2 minutes of a game. Judge, Jury, and executioner.

No it doesn't, but it's exactly what I was told from police

officers in NYC years ago when I asked them why they had to bully and harass, summons, and "confiscate" people's property who were performing a service and/or just trying to make an honest living. I know it doesn't make any sense and it's all BS, but that is what they have been told to say. Whether they were instructed by upper brass or their peers, I didn't ask, but it's their "reasoning". I know how the state and the DA work, I just couldn't tell you if the officers "honestly" believe(d) that "line", or if that's just used to just shut the average citizen up who is clueless to the process, since "move along, nothing to see here" no longer works. My guess is the latter even after seeing so many false arrests and 2nd & 4th ammendment violations committed by officers.

Ask any TSA agent what his "reasoning" for groping you is and he'll tell you that this is for "your safety" and that he's "protecting the country". Really? Did he come up with that all on his own? We all know it's a pony show.

Vendor's permit

I guess everyone these days is a criminal...they will require vendor's permit for feeding pigeons.

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This is not about Arizona

This is not about Arizona that sucks or not (I live in California and I love it, though I do have a relative in Phoenix, AZ, too)

This is not about just Phoenix either.

This is not even about that whoever "inspector" idiot who can't even see when common sense can reasonably be applied.

This is about BUREAUCRACY.

This is about what BUREAUCRATS can do to a country, hand-in-hand with the higher crooks they serve, culminating in a well known fractional banking system I won't name because I'm tired of it for today.

This is about individuals and their liberties vanishing under the shades of the society that the Planners are so very busy engineering to keep the people and their lives maleable at will.

This is just a tiny little almost insignificant glimpse of Agenda 21.

Likewise : don't expect to be allowed to grow anything as harmless as tomatoes in your backyard, shortly.

However, you can also for sure expect to be forced to BUY and EAT the food they're designing and preparing for you.

Let's keep standing. We won't allow this horror.


They just CAN'T admit it, so they pretend they can continue with their inhumane.

Yeah, right.

Like America's spirit is dead already?

I suggest they think again.


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LOL, Dwayne the "Neighborhood

Preservation Inspector." All together now, everybody click your heels and salute the little fascist bureaucrat.

Arizona Sucks

I recently lived in Arizona for about a year, and I was shocked at how the land of Barry Goldwater had turned into a regulatory police state. Arizona is just like California, but with better gun laws. The thousands of dollars in regulatory fees I needed to pay in Arizona to do business are non-existent here in Missouri.

I'm no longer surprised at stuff like this

Just yesterday I was on the subway (I live in NY) and saw a police officer telling a subway musician (about a 20 year old guy w/ a guitar) that he had to stop playing. It seemed so unnecessary (the kid wasn't threatening looking at all - more like a hippie sort) and like the cop wanted to just show his power.