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Army Grants $3 Million for Anti-Suicide Nasal Spray

Army Grants $3 Million for Anti-Suicide Nasal Spray

Published: 19 August, 2012, 00:57

For those feeling down in the dumps, the US military now has a solution: an anti-suicidal nasal spray that delivers antidepressant chemicals to the brain.

The US Army has awarded a scientist at the Indiana University School of Medicine $3 million to develop a nasal spray that eclipses suicidal thoughts. Dr. Michael Kubek and his research team will have three years to ascertain whether the nasal spray is a safe and effective method of preventing suicides.

The research grant comes after the Army lost 38 of its soldiers to suspected suicide in July, setting a record high. So far in 2012, the Army has confirmed 66 active duty suicides and is investigating 50 more, making a total of 116 cases.

The Army’s suicide rate is at the highest level in history, with more American soldiers taking their own lives than being killed by the Taliban. The Pentagon reported in June that suicides among soldiers averaged one per day this year, surpassing the rate of combat fatalities.

Read more: http://rt.com/usa/news/us-army-anti-suicide-spray-036/

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I can just see the big pharma commercial now.....

*** Commercial opens with a soldier staring sadly at the wall ***

The narrator says...

Don't feel like the army of one you used to?
Do you miss your home, family and friends?
Dodging gun fire not as exciting as it once was?

Get back out there soldier and spread democracy with a grin, with...


*** Screen cuts to a Sergent riding bicycles with his platoon with big happy go lucky smiles on there faces on a dessert road passing by goats, dried up bushes, poppie fields, burned up homes and humvees, with sniper fire and RPGs flying by. ***

Screen Reads... Sniphansmylicilin 200mg (Maekyadossillex)

Lawyer voice at the end says....
Side effects include,
Nose Bleed
Upset Stomach
Dry Mouth
Chest Pain
Trouble Urinating
Night Terrors
Projectile Vomiting
and may cause thoughts of suicide

Fade to Black...

Why don't we just stop

Why don't we just stop putting our troops in a situation where they want to kill themselves? They are purposefully ruining lives and the solution is to drug the people they are breaking? What the stuff.

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sounds like something batman would carry in his

utility belt.

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Anything with a fast onset of action will leave the body......

just as fast. What happens if you miss a dose or can't afford it? Imagine "pre-treating" soldiers who are not depressed before a combat mission,....just in case! The potential for abuse of this drug will be astronomical as well with the street value.

Overuse or even recommended use of this medication may cause the very same thing that they are treating....suicidal and violent behaviors. Look at this from 1984 (of all years!!!)

Neuropsychobiology. 1984;12(1):19-22.
Violent suicidal behavior and the thyrotropin-releasing hormone-thyroid-stimulating hormone test: a clinical outcome study.
Linkowski P, Van Wettere JP, Kerkhofs M, Gregoire F, Brauman H, Mendlewicz J. - Abstract

A relation between abnormal response of thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) to thyrotropin-releasing hormone (TRH) and a personal history of violent suicidal behavior was observed in a sample of 60 depressive women. Patients with a blunted TSH response to TRH were also at greater risk for subsequent suicide. There was no relationship between TSH response to TRH and age, severity of depression and polarity of the illness.

If SHTF and we were all put into FEMA camps...

...and forced to do labor or what ever it is that they'll have us do against our will, they'll force us to take this since humans have a choice in ending their lives unlike live stock. Just a sci-fi scenario of mine.

The Onion is kicking themselves

For not coming up with this one first!

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something wrong here. They dont want a population that

is trained in firearms or know how to fight back.
It is mandatory service in israel for two years. Do you see them having this problem of suicide.

Suicide is also becoming wider in young civilian population as well but is not being reported. There is something going on where many of the next generation within a certain age are killing themselves. When the economy hits bottom, the birth rate will fall with it dramatically. And if you have the surviving group killing themselves off, this is a form of silent genocide.

We aint seen nothing yet..

when I found out from my nephew how many VACCINATIONS these poor souls have been poisoned with, it is no wonder. And like I said We Aint Seen NOTHING YET! Heaven forbid they should allow the Vets to treat themselves with a NON TOXIC VEGETABLE!! Its mind blowing when you talk to the Vets who are using Cannabis Hemp oil to treat themselves how AWESOME this illegal substance works with zero side effects....Hell will be crowded with the corrupt bastards..as it should be.

Cannabis Hemp Oil CURES DISEASE

I think they are up to...

...22 vaccinations as my friend who has a son in the service had said. He has seizures now that he had never had in his entire life. Quite strange. I don't know what to tell her.

how would they know?

weird.. I would think anyone seriously wanting to kill themselves would be unlikely to use a nasal spray to prevent it. Just my thought from experience with suicide of friend...

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They plan on giving it

to the troops that are on antidepressants (which have suicide listed as a possible side effect) to counter those side effects. I wonder what side effects the spray has? How about not deploying them 4 and 5 times to undeclared wars and illegal occupations?

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