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Really? . . Is everyone voting for Romney? . . . Really?

Just an observation, in addition to all the business trips I have been on in the past 5 weeks I have also made round trips from Pittsburgh to Oklahoma City and Cleveland to Pensacola. I have not seen ONE Ron Paul bumper sticker and now several Romney -it use to be the exact opposite lots of RonPaul but no Romney. I did see a large Ron Paul sign on I-70 around Missouri and on I65 in Alabama, but that is it. Even my wife has taken her Ron Paul sticker off her car and is telling me we have to vote for Romney.

Really? Is that they way everyone else feels out there?

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Obviously I can't speak for others, but.........

I will never vote for Romney, and I'll be writing in Ron Paul for President Michael Peroutka for Vice President "FOR FREEDOM". To compromise and support evil, even to try and stop a perceived bigger evil, is still wrong. Never put your stamp of approval on an evil candidate by giving him your vote!

here in Austin

I see nothing but ron paul stickers...never seen a rmoney sticker...I even still see W. stickers, but not rmoney.

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Not true.

I travel extensively too and have never seen a romney sticker. Conversley, I still see Ron Paul bumper stickers on bumpers and windows, as well as Ron Paul signs taped to trunks and the rear windows of pickup trucks.

However I do know people who are supporting anyone but obama, thus support for romney. But I still know many more average people who prefer to have Ron Paul win nomination. romney was forced upon the people by tpb. Plain and simple.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

SW hard on Romney

Still see plenty of Dr. Paul stickers in CO.

Seeing more Johnson stickers. He polls well here, neighbor state, home of the lib party, son studied @ Univ. of Denver. He is in favor of Amendment 64.

Seeing more Romney stickers though not a huge amount and lots of Obama 2012 stickers.

Between Dr. Paul, Obama & Johnson Romney won't win CO or NM. May be same in AZ (?).

Bottom line - Romney has an uphill battle. They are sending tons of mailers, robo calls, emails. All go in the trash.

"One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas" Victor Hugo

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not much political interest here

But I have seen two new RP bumper stickers on cars in my San Diego neighborhood. At the grocery store, where I rarely see political bumpers stickers, I saw three. Two for Obama, and one that had pictures of both Romney and Obama that said, "They win, we die." I have seen only one Romney bumper sticker, at close range, since they cut right in front of me on the freeway.
A Paul hating family member told me that since RP is out of the race I should line up behind Romney.
My advice is to not worry about what people are doing now. Repeat: do not worry about who others THINK they are going to vote for now. Stay positive (Ron Paul wins nomination). After the nomination we'll come to DP and celebrate and get ready for the flood of interest in RP.


No matter how discouraged things get the bottom line here is always positive.

In Philly...

Well where I live I've seen a lot of Obama stickers and signs, but I've also seen MORE Ron Paul bumper stickers and lawn signs. I have literally not seen a single Romney bumper sticker, except for one that was pasted in the corner of a house window. I see more McCain/Palin stickers than Romney stickers. I see more Kerry/Edwards stickers than I see Romney stickers.

And the amount of Ron Paul signs is only increasing.

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To answer your question, NO!

...I wouldn't vote for Romney even if Ron Paul was his Vice President. I will not under any circumstance vote for Romney.

I'm still hoping for a miracle at the RNC, in which Ron Paul gets the nomination. If that does not happen, I'll be voting for Gary Johnson.

Campaign Screw Up

The one think I think the campaign really messed up on is that after all my donations to the money bombs I never got a Ron Paul bumper sticker or yard sign sent to me.

They're manufacturing a surge

There's still the same 60 romney supporters out there, just more bumper stickers is all.

this should make you feel a bit better : http://i.imgur.com/HEuYt.png


Ahhh! That was fun to see!

Ahhh! That was fun to see! Man after my own heart!

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that does help! !!

that does help! !!

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Absolutely NOT voting for Romney! Still have my bumper stickers on!

If Wars Can Be Started by Lies, They Can Be Stopped By Truth.

not in a million years

you've got to be kidding.

more comments

I am with the 3 replies so far, just thought there would be more. There do not seem to be many of us left? My observations on the road were discouraging. I even saw someone with a Romney Sticker AND a "dont tread on me" sticker.

I won't be voting for Romney

I won't be voting for Romney under any circumstances. I wouldn't vote for him even if Ron Paul endorsed him, which I fear is a possibility.

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I still have to routinely

I still have to routinely replace my Paul 2012 signs around my house due to assholes tearing them down.

at least take comfort

In the fact that they are filled with emptiness, and probably go home and masturbate to the anti-obama porn that is fox news as their wives get frustrated and cheat on them.

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