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Republican state party tyranny at local conventions

Unfortunately, all of the recruiting that we have done, and the effort that we have made to show the party brass that we are here to help is falling, in large part, on deaf ears.

At several district conventions in Michigan, liberty activists saw despicable behavior by party "leadership" in a childish and desperate attempt to hold onto control.

Rules were not followed, new comers were utterly disrespected and people who there to be elevated to delegates were turned away, all in an attempt to thwart a restoration of true conservatism and the full package of liberty.

They came up with arcane voting procedures that made the conventions go ling into the night so as to drive people to leave early and many did. Then they claimed that since many had left that there was not a quorum so that conducting certain business could not take place.

Speeches were given to "scold" people who came representing change for the better and for conservative values.

Even the party chair person was reported to have been making calls to district chair people asking who won, the establishment or Campaign for Liberty people... pathetic.

My message to those children is this....WE are not going anywhere. We will continue to grow in numeration and strength. We will not rest until this party stands for what it used to stand for. We will keep coming back and one day have a majority. People are hungry for substance and not rhetoric. Supporters of liberty offer substance.

Your childish actions only fuel us to go even further.

Freedom prevails !

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Sorry to hear that

Sounds like you might be in Adams convention, or it happened in more than 1 location. Things are looking good in the U.P.