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TSA Stands for Twisted Sexual Assault: Clever Music Video

Saw this on Economic Policy Journal and found it very biting satire:


By a group called Without a Face. Very well done music video mocking the TSA.

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"Dont Touch My Junk" Is Way Better

This made me feel kinda weird. I wouldn't share it on Facebook. "Don't Touch My Junk" is funnier and less overtly sexual: http://youtu.be/QhEMRSp7vaY

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Very disturbingly creative!

Very warped and disturbing and not something I would not normally watch, however, it is extremely creative and accurate in addressing an ugly truth!

Consumptiontration Camp

I liked Max Keiser's description...we live in a consumptiontration camp. We are consumers in a gulag.

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Pretty darn funny

Make sure your young children are not watching, though!


Thank you, Without a Face.

Keep up the good work.

It would be great if famous musicians and Hollywood actors would start coming out, of course, at the risk being ridiculed by the media.

Richard Belzer and Dave Mustaine are doing their part. We need more like them.

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Makes you wonder how many have tried

seeing how many "go nuts", wind up in "rehab", or get plane crashed.

John Dennis' New 2012 Ad: I Despise the TSA


This Dennis Ad goes well together with this Music Video.

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Well done

Thanks for posting.

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Hope this guy makes it big. He and the others in the video are quality!


Yay, front page!

We need a little humor around here.

Very funny...

...yet NOT!

As John Dennis says: "You get

As John Dennis says: "You get this great sexual experience and no phone call, email, or anything"

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I here I thought TSA stood for

Terrorism & Sexual Assault

That was funny as hell.

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Move Over Weird Al

there's a new kid in town.
I'm partial to Al's Party in the CIA, it would go along with this theme of "Caligula government" quite well.

Thanks for the embed Mr. Mod!


Thanks to you guys and gals who keep things running smoothly!