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Ron Paul - "It's your generation that's gonna have to make a difference"

Video of President Paul I'd never seen.

About the official story; "Not exactly what the reality is"

"I've said many times that I don't think the investigation did anything more than cover up the truth"

"But, the big question is: Who's behind it? What's the motivation? Was it total ineptness and maybe they had other reasons...and #7 is the one that's most suspicious, that thing came down a little bit differently"


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correction, I think the last line is

'that thing' came down a little bit differently

Thanks. I corrected the error.

I wish more people would watch this but for obvious reasons I did not title the post using words that I wanted too. I decided to avoid the division it would create on this site so close to the 26th.

reedr3v's picture

that's what I heard. Interesting video --

candid comments.