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Paul's supporters could become a distraction at the National Political Conventions, forcing public debates! Oh, I hope so!

The GOP platform committee meets Monday and Tuesday in Tampa, ahead of the start of the convention Aug. 27.

Romney will have enough delegates to win any battle over the platform. But if Paul's supporters aren't placated, they could become an unwanted distraction, forcing public debates over foreign policy and the fight against terrorism at a time when Romney would rather focus on the struggling economy and his efforts to defeat Obama.

Many of Paul's libertarian views dovetail nicely with mainstream Republican ideas on limited government and low taxes. But Paul breaks with much of his party when he rails against American intervention abroad, calling the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan illegal because Congress never passed a declaration of war. Paul also calls for abolishing the Federal Reserve and repealing the Patriot Act, legislation enacted after the Sept. 11 attacks to give law enforcement more tools to fight terrorism.

Don't look for any of those positions in this year's Republican platform. But party leaders could make some concessions, perhaps agreeing to a plank that calls for an audit of the Fed or a broad statement that calls for respecting civil liberties in the fight against terrorism.

Would that be enough to appease most Paul supporters?

"The delegates are individuals. They're going to go in there, the ones we have on the platform committee, they're going to go in there and fight for what they actually want," said Marianne Stebbins, a delegate who coordinated Paul's campaign in Minnesota. "I think you're going to see – I'm hoping – quite a different platform (from 2008), where we're talking about civil liberties a little more, whether it's Internet privacy or warrantless wiretaps,"

But, she added, "You don't turn the barge around in a day."

Paul has a dedicated following, even though he didn't win a single Republican presidential primary. Nevertheless, his supporters took control of several state GOP conventions where they elected delegates to the national convention. Paul has 160 delegates, compared with 1,552 for Romney, according to The Associated Press count.

The Romney campaign treads lightly around Paul, careful not to offend his supporters but insistent that the national convention is Romney's affair.

"We look forward to preparing a platform that represents Republican conservative principles on the wide variety of issues facing the nation," Romney campaign spokeswoman Andrea Saul said in an email. "We are confident that there will be broad participation and that we will have a successful platform committee meeting and overall convention in Tampa."


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Doug Wead said it best "Up to a thousand delegates"

Romney is going to get reamed at the convention. There will not be any unity for Romney. The Santorum and Gingrich delegate are uniting against Romney. Where will the power naturally flow to? Ron Paul because they all know he is the only one with a solid platform that will beat Obama.

Distraction? No we will take the whole thing and nominate Ron Paul and win it.

500 Delegates? Try again Doug Wead said in June up to 1000


Doug Wead states in article: "The fact is that we can’t stop them from winning the nomination but they can’t stop us from fielding delegates either. So why the fuss? We will be there. We will be a presence. If they leave it alone, there will be hundreds of us, maybe a thousand."

Doug couldn't have factored in all the future people that will get information about binding and information about Romney that will repel them and cause them to reject him.

From the comment section and a lot has happened in 2 months from June 12th when the comment was made:

Chase says:
June 12, 2012 at 9:24 pm

Doug, you left out the part where come RNC time, all delegates are unbound! Meaning, those delegates in New Mexico, CAN and WILL vote Ron Paul on the 1st ballot. During the Texas State Convention, it was made absolutely CLEAR that the RNC rules trump the states rules. Come RNC time, all delegates will be unbound. There are no “bound” delegates. People can try all they want to tell us we are misinterpreting that or they try finding some negative crap to tell us why it would be invalid and so on. However, we are going to that convention, we will fight for what is rightfully ours, we will cause chaos if need be. We don’t care what you or anyone else says or thinks, and if you think by the delegates revolting that it would somehow ruin the Liberty Movement…. Look around, the Liberty Movement is already going downhill because of Rand joining the dark side, Ron Paul not addressing his supporters, Trigvey Olsen or whatever the fuck his name is ordering Benton and Rand and Jack Hunter and maybe even YOU to ruin Ron Paul’s chances…. There is a whole of a hell lot of anger right now, and it’s advised no one stands in our way. Fuck playing nice and being “respectful”! When your candidate has been literally cheated out of an election, you don’t wanna play nice. Come August, Ron Paul is either with us or against us, but we will win that damn nomination and we will call out and expose those who have attempted/are going to attempt to defraud us some more in hopes Romney would actually get the nomination. Romney is UNELECTABLE! Will LOSE to Obama! And is NO DIFFERENT than Obama! So Doug, are YOU with us, or against us?

Doug Wead says:
June 12, 2012 at 9:26 pm

Ha. No reason to announce that.

Susan Gibson says:
June 12, 2012 at 10:02 pm

now that’s the response I wanted to hear!!

Pollman says: You get it now? Doug knows whats up and this very well could go to Paul matter of fact I believe it will.

November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
"We must remember, elections are short-term efforts. Revolutions are long-term projects." ~ Ron Paul

Here's the Set up to BLAME Ron Paul

Of course this comes from the Obama camp, that has NO intention of opening debates, and let me tell you why.. those third parties don't have enough central committees with representatives taking oaths.. many counties have no meetings, no representatives, no members.

Since the GOP is forcing Romney on delegates as their goal is to disband and become a third party, givng us ONE PARTY like communist China the Democratic party as THE PARTY representing America in a NWO/global government. Again they fool wee the people who depend on MSM for dis and mis-information.

Dangle "open debate" and watch the sheep jump from the frying pan into the fire.

Burn sheep burn.

Commented on a NYT

lame political blog post about Romney's "To do" list before the convention.

Naturally, it hasn't seen the light of day there, so will just post it here.
Thanks, Katherine!


Somehow, you left out "silence Ron Paul and his delegates".

It's not clear that this has been finalized, even though efforts have been undertaken to disenfranchise Paul supporters in numerous states - Oregon, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Massachusetts and Maine, for example. Nearly all of the above are involved in legal actions brought by Paul supporters and/or credentials challenges to the RNC which promise to play out messily.

Romney's support being the proverbial "mile wide and inch deep" can only partially explain why the Republican establishment would risk such credibility as it still commands to suppress the Paul people. After all, many of the actions against them have come well after Romney was annointed "presumptive nominee".

The more compelling (and depressing) reason appears to be that any serious discussion of issues such as the Federal Reserve/banksters/bailouts, unconstitutional wars/unsustainable global empire, vanishing privacy and civil liberties and such is simply anathema to the Powers That Benefit. Therefore, Paul and his supporters, who tiresomely bring this stuff up and cling to such dated notions as Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness must be marginalized. If that results in Romney losing, well, he knows how the game is played.

The natives are restless, however. Seeing whether Romney somehow manages to keep them from going off the reservation should prove interesting...


Everyone but them sees that their choice is Ron Paul or the end of their party. Not only do they still delusionally expect us to unite around Willard, they expect us to do that while also being publicly written off as a "distraction". LOL at the dumbass redneck GOP.

I don't play, I commission the league.

Do they mean??

The Romney/Ryan delegates may be a distraction to the REAL nominee!

Ron Paul!!!!

This barge?

This is no barge, it's a garbage scow.

And if it can't be turned NOW then everyone will abandon ship.

They have TREAD LIGHTLY? NOT, these jackbooted thugs have BEEN STOMPING OUR RIGHTS into the ground and stealing our delegates.

This convention IS MAKE IT OR BREAK IT for me, if the dictatorship BS doesn't end at the convention with a huge LIBERTY MOVEMENT VICTORY, then I am done forever with my old party, the GOP, the only party I ever voted for.

They want

The Repulican party to die, so they can once and for all kill the republic and scrap the Constitution.

This is all about saving the Republic and peoples rights as defined in the constitution.

if the republicans want to

if the republicans want to win, they better nominate paul. there is simply no other way to put it.

reedr3v's picture

Public debates -- the Horror




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