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Name of Judge in Lawyers Case, Quote?

Does anyone know the name of the Judge and/or a quote on the finding?

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PLEASE Don't Do That!!! Somebody Tell Him

...you could get all the delegates kicked out. It has been determined by many who know what is being done that this law case which will not be won and could do much damage. There is already blow-back from it.

If you sincerely care about what happens in Tampa, just don't do it.


Don't worry.

Let it go. No ruling yet anyway.

Jack Wagner

Thank You

...I was worried. You did the right thing.


The delegates are already

The delegates are already being kicked out and it has nothing to do with the case, it has to do will spoiling Mitt Romneys party. Do you really think a law suit that only seeks to enforce a federal law could do damage at this point? We are going to lose if we take no legal action.

Judge David Carter I think

Judge David Carter I think

Judge Carter is all I know

Case is still going on. He is supposed to rule and lawyer filed something so the judge will hurry up and rule before the convention. Last quote from Gilbert:

Federal Case Update - We have tentatively won the case on the historic law. The RNC is now engaged in delay tactics. To counter, I am filing an Appellate action tomorrow to seek an Appellate Order requiring the Judge to rule prior to the convention. Yes, I said we have tentatively won the case on the historic law

Might hold off for ruling

Maybe release what I have then add this later as an update. Or perhaps once that court case is ruled on we need to print out the actual news report on it and hand that out along with the 1-sheet.

Jack Wagner