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Does Mitt Romney Have a Koch Problem?


I in no way support where this video originated (moveon.org) but just ran across it and found it humerous..And I enjoyed the vehicle at the 20 second mark..Hope to see a few of those in Tampa.

"Romney has a Koch problem and we need to send him to rehab"

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Koch Problem?

I would guess the Cato Institute might have some issues.

More importantly though, I think his "Koch problem" should be referred to as "electile dysfunction".

The Sick Of The Sickest

would follow "moveon.org". That bunch is from the pit of hell


According to the Movie "Campaign", Yes.

See the movie, Campaign. Ferrel is Romney and Wiggins is Ron Paul. The Much Brothers are the Koch brothers.

The irony is that they are criticizing

Romney for what Obama has done himself. What mindless video. Clever tactics with no substance.

Beware of Red team vs. Blue team mentality videos of this nature. They reveal nothing more than to get you thinking that you have two choices that they have already chosen.

I rather enjoyed the lie that the Koch Brothers also somehow are the largest polluters on the planet. I guess our US government is exempt from their analysis.

Statist gonna state.

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crooked lefties to pick from if Romney is the nom............IF

Let's see. Eeeenie, meeeeeanie, mineeee, MO......

I pass.

Keepin' it real.

He has 99 problems but a

He has 99 problems but a scandal ain't one...oh wait