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What it takes to win America back

All opinions aside from my own, my own observations would lead me to believe that what is occuring (the liberty movement) is international more so than it is solely American. A mega-flood of constructionalist ideals are diverting mega-money (more than the entire world has combined) into hopes and dreams of obtaining more money at the expense of others (taxpayers). This is dawning on publics after a bimonthly dose of bank statement checking, all while trying to explore new ways to not live paycheck to paycheck. To no avail, and no end in sight, sacrifice is no longer enough to win it longterm for working class families. The people are turning to the voting booths. The people are turning to the internet. The people are making decisions to either enter into welfare (defeatism) or take up job alternatives in areas wild to them (explorism via trades and new locations).

This split is hard to understand if you are not a leader of anything or anyone and/or not constantly on the verge of news or technology or something along those lines. In other words, if you are complacent with being status quo; you are not aware. Lately there has been many leaders developing and branching out, leading them to a desire for liberty, and a sense of independence upon discovering this liberty movement. There is an opposition, who is the least likely in these matters: the last generation. The opposition however knows that they cannot control the future as they have already robbed us of our future and there is no end to the hunger for feeding this beast we call government, namely social security. The last generation will default back onto welfare and it will inevitably be our burden to keep them long last and healthy, which we are okay with provided the last generation stops voting, which they will not. They feel it is their final duty here on earth to vote for the issues that mean most to them at that point which will be to collect from the system they contributed most to and want from in these tough times, after all they paid for it. We the resiliant young people that we are, are struggling to find work and those who are defeated end up beating the older generation to the money supply because they will not be defeated for long once the monthly checks start coming through, so they think. The defeated have yet one more pruning to go through.

The thing or mentality that has been suspressed since the downfall of man is a lack of personal responsibility. For what we do, always seems right in the moment until we realise that what we engage in isn't as fulfilling as first thought, yet we finish what we started and try harder not to fall for it next time until our disparity overcomes our reason. That is our cycle as man. It is not until we overcome our failures, of course we ourselves cannot do this alone, that we can rise past our failures and help others in the process from which we came.

Since this forgotten sense of personal responsibility for the moment has slipped our minds and failed our senses, we blame politicians, policies, religion, society, and yes even the central banking system. We as Americans realise it's not about what our country can do for us, but rather a new hour has come. It's now about what we can do to infiltrate, destroy and rebuild. It's a dicey process that can leave America in really bad hands, but a sharp majority knows that it can't get any worse than illegal indefinate detainment, or being a victim during a tragic event possibly designed by those in power anyway. The objective is to push policy that our constitution didn't define as lawful in the first place. Also it is the objective to debase the currency, to get everyone in the same mindset, dependent. A world without borders, differences, social classes, religion, standardized rules of law. Just those who rule and those who are ruled is preferred way of life to those who already have the power.

America is already on the wrong course. If you want the answer to restoring America, it is not an easy one, nor should you look to the DP for that answer or from my opinion piece. But I will tell you this, it does start with you. It began the moment you clicked this article possibly prior to. If you made it this far you are on the right path, and must continue going no matter what without sacrificing anything that you cannot afford to lose. Invest in only what you can see, feel, and use. Numbers are just numbers. Trade in only skills, material and wait for a more stable market before throwing away your entire life savings into a rigged system. The power is only worth keeping if it is kept away from those who are power hungry. If that includes you, then donate it to your church. Lose what isn't important faster, later on when you have control over your life you'll know what to do with it if it were ever to end up in your hands again.

Try not to align your thoughts either right nor left, middle is not a true option either. Life is not a race to financial freedom, that just comes with the turf when you live a proper lifestyle. Never stop learning, your head will explode when you come in contact with a 'very confused individual' who gets life more than you do. Lastly don't rely on someone else to produce your money, this includes being a supervisor/boss/employer. If your employees believe you don't do enough, you've lost sight and your company/business is failing. America is only as strong as the weakest member of our society.

In liberty,

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