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Join Ron Paul Kiva Team w/ free $25 credit (I get $25 too)

**This is FREE - Someone donated a bunch of money to Kiva for them to give out as $25 free trials for new members in order to increase participation.


The free loan you make adds to the total contributions for the group. Maybe a last minute volunteerism bump for the Doc?

Could be a great headline if we could make it, "Ron Paul Supporters Walk the Walk: Prove Volunteerism Works"

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3 new folks signed up

Giving me $75 in credit to loan back out. Awesome.

Jack Wagner

Sorry can't donate today

but everyone else here will unless they love the devil.

9-11 was a panda job.

It's free, it doesn't cost you anything

When you sign up you get a free $25 credit to give out. Someone donated a bunch of money to Kiva to be given out this way in order to let people try out the service for free.

Jack Wagner