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When WE take a step forward, the Elite step back, when WE step back, the Elite will return the favor

Wow!, I agree quite a bit what this guy pretty much says, I thought about it for weeks and weeks and It makes sense, we have so much injustice in our country, but many "Just Let it Happen", I knew a man served 10 years in prison in Washington state because he killed his sister's rapist, so it's not always that case though, it is the reality, but the human race has yet to be in the stage of liberation. what we can agree on though by now is that It also is our fault that we let many of these things to happen to us, I emphasis "not all" because for some life is really unfair, really crappy things happen and all we can do is suck it up and move on, or we'll fall behind but the quote" All for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing", it does ring bells in the American population, But Liberty resonates in the American spirit, and eventually it will strike chords into the human race, IF we persist and persist and persist till it happens. One thing I URGE YOU TO UNDERSTAND, THIS PEACEFUL REVOLUTION IS THE WAY TO GO! CURRENTLY, I AM CONFIDENT RON PAUL KNOWS TIME IS TICKING BUT HE KNOWS WHAT THE OUTCOME IS AND THE GREAT REWARDS TOO IT WILL BRING., The Elite get scared to death, only when we take a step forward, so lets do them a favor and do a staircase of steps.



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I don't agree

that international vampire elites are here 6000 years (it almost looks like a creationist idea :) The debased money (its where the vampires suck) are around not so long - I wouldn't think more than 100 years.

then explain

The bank of England and the fall of the Roman Empire, and why is the matrix simply a retelling of Plato's story "The allegory of the cave", and why was Plato talking about this stuff 2,500 years ago?

what exactly you want me explain?

about Bank of England and Roman Empire. And even if I would go back to the Plato cave to contemplate the vampires I somehow still don´t see there the 6000 years. Debasement of the currency is question of last 100 years. The England was already bankrupt when Bank of England was created, the Roman Empire never fell it just transformed itself to the so called Roman-Catholic church.

There has been the debasement

of currencies far longer than 100 years. I have no idea about the 6000 year mark, but historically I can think of over 2,000 years of this kind of tactic to manipulate societies. Just as a blacksmith would teach their children their trade, and carpenters would teach their children their trade, it is entirely plausible to think that those who learned the trade of manipulating societies through money would teach their children their trade. It is called the Perennial Tradition.

If you just postulated the idea of forming a bank, you have to conclude that it was the criminal to invent such a thing, and it is only the criminal that would have the force to provide such a service.

It is the same racket that Capone used. "If you do not store your stuff in my vault, then I will send my goons out to rob your wares."

I just hope you understand that debasement of currency was not invented with the Federal Reserve, and is much older than 100 years.


there certainly was debasement of coin in the past. What I meant was debasement of notes like 10s% of value a year which is hardly possible with precious metal sound money but it is apparently possible with paper money using fractional reserve and then complete debasement to pure paper fiat without any material intrinsic value and then speculate on and directly manipulate the markets to pump the real value from markets.
Interesting: http://www.scribd.com/doc/17233336/September-11-Commission-R...
Banking is about making money, unfortunately in 20th century they perfected it that the making was literally creating from thin air or at least from some normal metals with real value much lower than nominal for small change.