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What Is Quality?

What is Quality?

Instead of going straight into definitions of this difficult word, it might be easier to start with an example.

Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, and Barack Obama are all quality presidential candidates.

They are all, in fact, high-quality presidential candidates.

What is a presidential candidate?

"Presidential Candidate" is a word.

A word is a thing.

A thing is a tool.

What is a tool?

A tool is something that is used to get something done.

Why are Obama, Romney, and Paul high-quality tools?


What is a High-Quality Tool?

A great Round-About way to test the quality of a tool is to see who is buying it and why. Craftsman Tools are popular with people in all trades, and most of these individuals will swear to the quality of Craftsman Tools, with no promise of compensation. These people have in fact put much of their own money into owning a Craftsman and will readily do so again.

If a presidential candidate is, indeed, a tool, it might be helpful to see who has invested the most in each of the 'brands' of prez. candidates now being offered.

That can be demonstrated by who has invested their money into them:

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Zen and the Art of

Choosing a Candidate.

Zen & motorcycle maintenance

You get it!

This is just the opening salvo for a long, long post on the topic.

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You got one out of three right.

Dr. Paul is high quality.

Romney and Obama have what could be termed negative qualities i.e. lies, flip-flopping, greed, arrogance, ignorance and a lust for unbridled power.

Just wait

for the rest...............


Defeat the panda-industrial complex

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