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5/7 States can Nominate Ron Paul by notarized letter to RNC

This must be done immediately. The Ron Paul delegates of Mass, Maine, Louisiana, Nevada, Washington, Alaska, etc. can send a NOTARIZED letter nominating Ron Paul. It must be sent by one day certified mail. The letters must be signed before a notary proving the signatures belong to the delegates. It can be done together or separately and then all the notarized letters put together and sent to all the (each) RNC officials. Make copies. Have it published in your state. Have it published in LA, SF, Chicago, Tampa etc. Take copies of official letters to the Tampa RNC and give it to them again. Have Ron Paul nominated from floor also.

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UPS STORE will notarize it for $5.00. I didn't know certified mail was required. How long does that take? Does anyone have a form to use?

Keepin' it real.

Proof of mailing/certification of mail

Link to US Postal Service. Hope if may help you. Scroll to certification of mail.

Why wasn't this made known

Why wasn't this information made known to each State's delegates to give them plenty of time to accomplish this task.
Why are we always running around like chickens with our heads cut off?
Who withheld this until the week before the convention?
Dr. Paul has enough support that he should be nominated from the floor.
You could do all this, and RNC could still do what they're good at, which is to completely disregard/ignore it.
If this is in RNC rules, you can bet they will change that rule to suit themselves.

Sorry, I only just thought of it last night.

@ DiggyMo: But better late then never. Someone else could have remembered or put it together, but we didn't. With all the lawyer politicians, you would think someone else would have thought of it. But even last night for whatever reasons, my first version MYSTERIOUSLY DISAPPEARED. THEN I COULD NOT GET BACK ON DAILY PAUL FOR ABOUT A HALF HOUR. So this was my quick second version. I was tired by then. I figured type it fast and save it , before it disappears again.
Plus why are you being so negative. I wrote this cause someone else indicated that Paul possibly would not be nominated from the floor by enough states cause the RNC and Romney made sure 3 state's delegates were disenfranchised . They disenfranchised 3 of 7 states. That leaves 4, possibly not enough if the RNC wants to be unfair. So that is when I of necessity realized that the alternative was to notarize the nomination of Ron Paul by the disenfranchised, but duly elected delegates. So what is your proof that 5 states can just simply nominate from the floor ? Someone on Paul last night said 5 states have to nominate Ron Paul. So if 3 states RP delegates cannot even get on the floor , how Mr smart brain , will that be accomplished ? Do you understand now? Better late then never. We can still nominate from the floor and we must but we must produce the nominations of 5 states and we only have 4 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Hopefully). We do not have time for the court to clear this all up. So we need to get the disenfranchised delegates to notarize a letter with their signatures nominating Ron Paul to be nominee of the GOP for President. Now that these delegates are in limbo and possibly not going to Tampa, they have plenty of time to get together, form a letter, sign it before a notary, and make copies, and send ti to the RNC by overnite mail to the RNC officials. Then they have time to get it published in the above papers, online, sent to the media, videoed, and taken to the RNC by the governor of Maine and turned in for Maine. Plus copies of it can be taken to Tampa to the RNC officials also. It can be emailed to the RNC officials, the media etc.


Thanks for getting it up when you did! I too wish someone put this up a while ago, but you know what WAS up a while ago; Ben Swann telling all the delegates to look into this themselves. There is enough time tomorrow to put these together and get them overnighted to the RNC.

Jack Wagner

Please front Page This

About notarization letter (s) to nominate Ron Paul

Each delegate that signs the nomination letter for their state should state:
1) Their full name
2) What date they were voted to represent their state
3) What state they represent
4) What convention they were voted for at and won.
5) How to contact them, phone/email/other (do not publish addresses)
6) What committees in the RNC they were voted into
7) Where and on what date the convention met.
8) 2 witnesses who can verify they were elected (can be fellow delegates)
9) Anything else that is important that I missed.
10) Then you can add a note: "Anything that we left out in info, is because we did not realize it was needed and can be attained by contacting us."

The last is necessary so that the powers that be cannot widdle out.

Please show in the RNC rules where nominations

can be sent by notarized certified mail.

November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
"We must remember, elections are short-term efforts. Revolutions are long-term projects." ~ Ron Paul

Please Show How in RNC rules where it is forbidden !

to send nominations by notarized certified mail. It isn't. Plus how are the disenfranchised RP delegates going to nominate Ron Paul if they cannot enter the RNC halls because their places where robbed by the Romney elites in Mass. ? And the case is in limbo in court ? And it has been robbed in Maine too. This way , they can legally nominate Ron Paul. This is after-all 2012 and this is a progressive way to nominate a person. This is not 1912. Think smart.

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Great advice!

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

What's Your Supporting Evidence?

This could take delegates, who have already devoted a lot of time and energy (not to mention money), quite a bit of effort. Where's the proof that this is legit?

It's totally legal. A smart lawyer would advice this.

If it is not sent NOTARIZED, then there would be no proof that the signatures were authentic. If it is not sent by certified mail, then they could say they never got it or it was lost in the mail. Certified mail is mail that proves it was delivered cause, they have to sign for the mail. So you do have to send it to specific persons/officials in the RNC.

One problem

I removed my comment for the fact that what I had to say could have helped them and hurt our delegates.

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~



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Disenfranchised Ron Paul delegates need to nominate RP by Letter

Do it now. It is all legal. Have the letter(s) notarized. Have each Ron Paul delegate either sign a standardized letter or their own letter that has their signature notarized. They must make copies. Have them sent together, but if no time separately to each official of RNC. Have it published in your state , either in the legal section or elsewhere. Especially if a delegate has been disenfranchised by Romney. You still can do your nomination by mail as long as your signature is notarized. Make sure they have your phone number or some way of contacting you. It has to be published somewhere in your state also before or during the RNC. Hurry time is of an essence.

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Bump for disenfranchised RP Delegates



Can't hurt.