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Missouri Tea Party candidate Todd Akin's "legitimate rape" comments get him in hot water


There is no excuse for such a reprehensible position.

EDIT: I changed the title as it was unnecessarily divisive. Akin has done a lot of good for Ron Paul and the liberty movement, but this is bad news for his political future. I still feel we can find better candidates than this to represent us.

EDIT2: Romney campaign makes a statement regarding his comments - http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/314452/romney-akins-ine...

EDIT3: It's a shame that someone who has supported many of Ron Paul's causes said this. It's hurts the whole movement in the process and serves to make Rmoney look like the good guy in the Republican camp.

EDIT4: John Brunner, anyone? http://www.yaliberty.org/pac/candidates/brunner

EDIT5: Akin admits his facts were wrong:

"I had heard one time a medical report that it's hard to get, it's harder for somebody to get pregnant under those conditions," he told radio host Sean Hannity on Monday. "I don't believe that's true now. In fact, I've checked the facts and that's wrong. I was just wrong in that statement."

I'm glad he came out and said that. His original apology video did not once indicate that he thought his facts were erroneous.

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Another meaningless ball the

Another meaningless ball the media has given the kids to kick around for a while.

Senator Blunt Of Missouri Feeling The Heat

Since he has come out against Akin people in Missouri are telling him they will vote for someone else in two years.




Bye-Bye Rombomney/McBluntskill!

The establishment is in total panic circle the wagons mode.

RON PAUL and his band of fringe kooks are at the gates.

We are hare to dismantle the FINANCIAL empire these establishment politicians have created in the shadows IN OUR NAMES.

We have the righteous and moral high ground. Our leader has led an impeccable and virtuous life, and has stood on principle.

Nice guys do NOT FINISH LAST. They LIVE FOREVER in the hearts and souls of EVERYONE who yearns to be free, and they change the course of history and human understanding.

This establishment attack on a RON PAUL ally is an act of desperation. The establishment could not beat him in the primary so they try to ABORT HIM.

This is fear.

The libs can smell the doom of their empire, and they are scared.

rape babies must die!

Women BY THE 10'S OF MILLIONS are being aborted.

Women who's bodies are their own, and who are aborted BY MEN...

Why should the woman being tricked by the MALE DR. get to tell the OTHER WOMAN that her constitutional right to life DOES NOT EXIST?

Aborting INNOCENT FEMALE RAPE BABIES turns the RAPE VICTIM into something worse than a rapist...



But go ahead, let the Libs KILL ALL THE WOMEN BABIES like in COMMIE CHINA, maybe then you will finally be happy when you get to wallow in ALL THE BABY BLOOD...


I like your passion.


Come on in it's just tepid actually...


Logic has no place in the thought process of people giving Romney a pass on his Mormonism, but Todd Akin MUST GO!

Not one single anti-Akin response here or anywhere is AN ACTUAL INTELLECTUAL ARGUMENT against him. Just EMOTIONAL PLEAS by LIBERAL PRO-ABORTION FORCES...

Akin WILL BE the Senator and all you DAMN LIBS BETTER JUST GET USED TO IT!

I sent him money

In the past I did not send any money but know that the republican establishment has come against him and he is not "yes man" I will do my best to get him elected.


Todd Akin is OUR GUY!

We will not get a better ally by abandoning him.


A loaded question, a heartfelt answer based upon MEDICAL INFORMATION...

And for this we must dump him?


Women LIE about being raped 1/2 the time

Todd Akin is a VERY BRAVE MAN for going up against the ABORTION MAFIA like he has.

An illegitimate rape is when the person CLAIMS THEY WERE RAPED AND WERE NOT. It happens ALL THE TIME...And all of this EMOTIONALISM in response is BLATANT STEREOTYPING of women as thoughtless drama queens is also a FORM OF RAPE. A rape of intellectual contemplation as a tool for understanding and taking action.

Posters coming here or posting anywhere else against Todd Akin ARE TRYING TO LEGITIMATELY RAPE HIM.

This is the same KIND OF RAPE that the GOP has been doing to US AND DR PAUL all of this time. Stand with Mr. Akin and tell Rombomney/McBluntskill to get in the UNEMPLOYMENT LINE!!!

Akin Getting Support

Missouri news media is reporting Akin is getting support from different places and especially from Christian organizations. I think the people of Missouri is fed up with the Republican Establishment.


I don't see

all the fuss. A legit rape? That just means it wasn't someone who decided that they were raped after they actually consented. I don't see a problem. The dems are trying to paint the repubs as women haters, it's a sick and idiotic game and it's a shame that this argument holds any more water than the racism card.

"Endless money forms the sinews of war." - Cicero, www.freedomshift.blogspot.com

I agree 100% silentboom...

But I would add that the establishment repubs have backed the dems position. It is a completely PC position that both parties are taking and demonstrates how pathetically weak the establishment repubs truly are (as if any clarification was needed). And this was expected. I do believe this was a setup.

"Villains wear many masks, but none as dangerous as the mask of virtue." - Washington Irvin


Murray Rothbard wrote several good articles on that in the 90s which can be seen on the lew rockwell website.

Akin is getting aborted by the establishment

The who's who of establishment NeoCons are trying to replace Akin so they can put in their own NeoCon straw man.

Don't believe the national media, Akin will beat McCaskill. He is still beating her in the polls.

Lots of Paul supporters backed him, I backed Brunner, but now Iike Akin even more.

McCaskill is an advocate for partial birth abortion - nasty procedure involving a knife, a partially delivered baby and cutting the back of the neck, then delivering the rest.

Akin was correct in general, but got his info wrong, rape victims have same pregnancy rate, but a much higher miscarriage rate.

If you are anti-war, you have to be anti-violence and you must start with peace from the very beginning, which is the war against the unborn. Statistics have show that since abortion became legal, violent crime has skyrocketed.

How can Americans prevent war, if we don't respect the lives of the innocent unborn?


If I recall, got some of the most donations from pro abortion groups of any senator. She is considered a moderate, yet I believe that the "moderate" label comes from the fact that she is pro war, just not quite as hawkish as a Lieberman or McCain. In summary, the senate election sucks.

Actually Just the Opposite of Reproductive Shutdown

The human female is at times an induced ovulator. It's biology's way of ensuring reproductive success and genetic variation. Extreme stimulation of the female in forced sexual activity or highly erotic activity tends to cause ovulation.

The data shows a higher than average conception rate from rape due to induced ovulation.

John Brunner

A very rich man that no matter how much he spent on the election he could win. Figure that one out.


Let me guess... he's a

Let me guess... he's a Creationist.

Yeah, a creationist like Ron Paul...

Why are you here if Ron Pauls beliefs offend you so much?

It sounds like...

...he was talking and got facts mixed up. Aside from the self-righteous "I should have the right to kill my baby" crowd, it shouldn't offend anyone. I've made plenty of embarrassing mis-statements before, simply because I was trying to respond quickly and my mouth got ahead of my brain.

Is it because

he said "legitimate" rape or because he claims that the body will spontaneously abort a baby conceived by rape? I understand the "legitimate" part but I don't know where he gets the idea that legitimate rape victims don't get pregnant.

Over all I don't see the big deal. I've heard much worse things said before. But in the end it just shows that the more things change the more they stay the same.

If You Keep Knocking Akin

and you will get McCaskill as a senator. She is nothing but bad news for this country.


Claire stinks

My problem with Akin was prior to what he just said, regarding his support for the NDAA bill and the wars. Claire is a chicken hawk, pro-abort statist, so I am voting third party in all likelyhood. Not in 100 years would I vote for Claire.

no tell the establishment to shove it

vote Akin.

He is not perfect, but one of the better ones and actually I think if he won now, he would just be the anti-establishment on every vote.

Considered it

It would make a fine coup. I'm going to sleep on it for a week. The other option is John Dines.

Your response to what I asked

makes no sense.

Akin's Problem Is He Is A Born Again Christian

The Republican establishment do not like that. I will say it again, he is very much like Dr. Paul in what he believes. Everybody I have talked to said they like him even more because he is not a "yes" man to the Republican establishment. IMO


reedr3v's picture

His problem is that he lacks a moral compass.

Quite unlike Dr. Paul, he supports the wars and NDAA and has a reprehensibly cold-hearted attitude toward victims of rape.

If all THAT represents born-again Christians, it is shameful. It in no way is similar to Dr. Paul.

Intersting that you think it's cold hearted I would disagree

Rape is a violent act, abortion is a violent act, by performing an abortion you just perpetuate the violence of the orginal act, the rape. Killing the innocent product of the rape is just more violence. I dated the product of a rape victim in high school, the girls biological mother had been raped in the late 1960's, if the mother had been raped a couple of years later, she would have probably had an abortion because it would have been legal. This girl I dated was then given up for adoption. I can tell you that not to have this girl on this earth would have been very sad. She was the kindest, sweetest person you could ever meet, beautiful, smart, and was already flying airplanes by 16. She now is the mother of 3 beautiful children, all of whom would not be here if she was aborted and abortion was legal back then.

I can only think of the countless kind things she did for families in need, old people, fellow classmates etc., kind deeds that would have never come to light if she was not allowed to live. Life, Liberty, the Pursuit of Happiness.

Everyone has the fundamental right to exist. It is the ultimate and supreme right of all rights.