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Gerald Celente on the Upcoming Seed Event and Why People Need to Think for Themselves to Avoid a Replay of the 1930s


Daily Bell: Are you concerned for your own well being?

Gerald Celente: Of course. And it makes me feel sad. It breaks my heart. I bought a 1750s building. Read the beginning of the last Trends Journal ... there's a story called "Haunted by Hitler," and how I came back from Germany in April, and I said to myself, how could the Germans, who were at the top of Western Civilization in the 1930s, let a two-bit freak destroy them? How could the Italians?

I mean, look at the Germans ... Wagner, Einstein, Dietrich, Lang, Beethoven, Bach ... the list goes on! How did the Italians let a little cartoon character like Mussolini destroy them? How did the Americans let Bush and Cheney destroy the nation, take them to war and put them under fear and control with Homeland Security? How could people believe in the presidential reality show again ... Romney or Obama?

Daily Bell: How could they?

Gerald Celente: It's the human spirit that allows people to do this. What is it about the human spirit that lets people give their lives up for others to run them? It goes back to the Seed Event. The SEED ... You're the seed. You better grow it.


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Love celente, but

I think he is wrong on one of his predictions. He says obama is going to win because he is the best fit for the "presidential reality show". Which I take to mean whomever wins the hearts and minds of the voting public will win the election (certainly they aren't putting on the show for the elite).

Then later in the interview he calls elections a "transparent fraud" and quotes Mark Twain "If voting made any difference, they wouldn't let us do it.

I believe he is correct in his second statement about it being a fraud. If this is correct, then the winner of the "presidential reality show" is irrelevant because the voters don't determine the outcome. Therefore if you want to predict who will be the next president you have to look at other factors besides who is the most charismatic.

I predict Romney will win. I base this on one indicator, and that is his Wall St support. 6 months ago Wall St campaign money was split pretty evenly between Obama and Romney. Today Wall St is fully supporting Romney and appears to have abandoned Obama.

My prediction is some event - financial crisis, terrorist attack, natural disaster - will happen before the election and the media will trick people into supporting romney (or at least create the image that people support him so the masses don't question the "results").

Could someone please explain

Could someone please explain this to me?

the study of... reality, existence, knowledge, value, reason, mind. If you put those words together it spells s-e-e-d.

I just don't see how those words put together spell s-e-e-d; I must be missing something.

Other than that, I thought it was pretty much what most of us already figured was going to happen.

Saved That

that was probably one of the best interviews i've read in a long time.

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Bump for Liberty!

This is a MUST READ!

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Bump for Celente! GREAT!

And Thank You so much for putting this up here.
Spoke to a few people yesterday...who attest to being "Constitutionalists", yet are still not fully awake!

I would have loved for them to have seen this.
Thanks again,

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