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RNC Says Welcome To The Convention! Robert Scott Bell Says...You Guys Suck

Funny segment on The Robert Scott Bell Show this morning mocking the RNC and their phony invitation to Ron Paul and his followers to the Tampa Convention


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Dr. Paul not invited to speak. This is a non issue.

So many are in a tizzy over Dr. Paul not being "invited" to speak at the RNC.
I'd be in a tizzy if they did "invite" him. That would be improper.
Here's why...

The only speakers announced prior to the convention are GUEST speakers.
Guest speakers do not include candidates, they are guests.
Candidates are not invited as guest speakers, they must vie for the podium time by gaining nomination.
Candidates are not guests, they are active participants.

Dr. Paul is a CANDIDATE, and therefore would never be considered as a potential guest speaker.
And rightfully, never was.
No active Candidate can be considered as a guest speaker.
Notice that Mittens is also not on that list...of guests.

Look at at this way sports fans...
Guest speakers are the cheerleaders.
Candidates are players in the game.

Dr. Ron Paul is the Star Player.
Not a cheerleader.

Back to the game. No distractions.

In Liberty.


America Rising.
The Constitution Stands.

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Right On Robert

thank you for all you do.

I hope that all the RP delegates inside the convention will begin chanting LOUDLY - for Ron Paul to speak ... yes, a disruption (oh my) almost like civil disobedience - get RP up there to speak ... make it happen. The RNC sure aren't going to invite him - they are doing everything they can to keep the delegates out. Screw the RNC and the GOP. They are inviting you (with open arms) now, tell them what you want to eat!

Dr. Paul does not have a speaking roll because

he freely chose NOT to deliver THEIR message, which was what the GOP required of him. My understanding is that he WAS invited to speak at the RNC and turned them down.

If we can get Ron Paul's name placed in nomination from the floor, he WILL have a speaking roll WHEN IT COUNTS for something. Then, there's a chance that the coronation may not take place at all. Why else would the GOP keep his duly appointed delegates from the convention floor, if not to keep Dr. Paul's message from being heard by the other (non-elite) delegates?

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Great clip


I was thinking

Dennis Leary's I'm an Asshole song.

Hmm. I'm unfamiliar with it,

Hmm. I'm unfamiliar with it, but I suppose it's probably fitting from the title.


Is that a sarcasm sign I see in your hand?

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle

You have a sarcasm

You have a sarcasm sign?!


yes it is! ;-D!

yes it is! ;-D!

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle