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Romney says he'll release 2011 tax returns by October 15

Mitt Romney will release his complete 2011 tax return by Oct. 15 and possibly sooner, but that will be the Republican presidential challenger’s final disclosure, his campaign said Sunday.

Romney received a filing extension from the Internal Revenue Service, and Oct. 15 -- 22 days before Election Day -- is the extended deadline.

“We have said as soon as they’re ready we’re going to release them,” Romney campaign adviser Ed Gillespie said in an interview on “Fox News Sunday.” “And I believe they’ll be ready before that.”

“They’re being finalized. There’s a lot of forms that have to come in from other entities that the governor doesn’t have control over,” Gillespie added.

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Honestly the bullcrap Romney and his campaign throws against Obama isn't working and it probably never will when you're not showing the American people your plans to make America greater.

Now you have your vice presidential nominee dodging questions about his budget plan and medicare and attempting to turn everything towards the economy.

I already saw his released estimates and his 2010 returns. Earning $21 million while paying $3 million in taxes -- no wonder why he doesn't want to release anymore tax returns.

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As if they're impossible to fake. The IRS will make Romney look clean as the pure driven snow since he'll be working for the Federal Reserve. If Mitt steps out of line after they let him play "President", some recently found, previously thought lost files will suddenly appear, casting doubt on his squeaky-clean image.

Why Do People Want To See

his tax on his income? Did he break the law? I guess the only thing Obama supporters can use in the campaign is his tax statement. I really do not care how much he makes and the less he pays the government the better. I am with Dr. Paul and want to get rid of the income tax for good.


A 100 million dollar IRA? How do you do that?

As I understand the tax laws, see the link, you can only invest $6,000 per year in an IRA. From already disclosed Romney tax returns, he has 100 Million dollars in an IRA. That is an astronomical rate of return, how is that possible? Add that to the fact he is totally unwilling to do what other candidates have done and release the returns, just brings up ethics questions.

Well, it does take time...

To create multi-layered pdf files. I mean, it's not like they can just scan the documents...

We Need Them BEFORE Convention

So delegates can see what a lying pig he is.