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Coach Bus to Tampa!

Coach Bus to Tampa: Reserve your seat today!

Michigan Patriots: a campaign volunteer is interested in booking a coach bus to Tampa. If there's enough support for it, we'll rent it.

It would leave from Woodhaven (near Detroit) at 2pm on
Saturday, and return at approx. 8pm on Monday August 27.

It is $146 for a round trip ticket. That is substantially more affordable than flying or driving, and you won't need a hotel since the bus is overnight Saturday and Sunday nights.

If you're interested, sign up here. All the details are at this page as well. (Your money will be refunded if we don't sell enough tickets to reserve the bus.)

We need your reservation as soon as possible to rent the bus.

This will be the greatest rally of the entire campaign. Come see history in the making, in Tampa.


Update: We have decided to add some stops on our route to pick up some supporters from other states. Unfortuanetly for some, we'll only be picking up people from a location in Dayton, Ohio and from another location in Lexington, Kentucky. For more information, go to the following link: http://rpmicharter.eventbrite.com/

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Yay, I just purchased a

Yay, I just purchased a ticket. Really looking forward to it :) I am from Illinois, so I'll meet up with you in Dayton, OH :)

Bump for Michigan! :)

Bump for Michigan! :)




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You say no hotel needed; does that mean

passengers can sleep on the bus both Sa & Su nights?


Yes, we will be able to sleep comfortably on Saturday and Sunday nights. We'll need our rest to bring some energy to Tampa!

Much love for Michigan!

I used to live in Battle Creek - See you in Tampa!

I am!

bump for Michigan


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One more!:)

I am!