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Ron Paul Birthday Bash: 77 Years of Pure Ron Paul Brilliance (Super Duper Birthday Article!)

By Michael Luciano

Monday is Ron Paul's 77th birthday. The retiring Texas congressman has had a long career as America's most ideologically consistent politician. Love him or hate him, he always speaks his mind, and refuses to pander to the crowd. To celebrate his birthday, here are 77 reasons why Ron Paul kicks ass.

1. He favors sound money.
2. He doesn't care what the legal driving age is.
3. He's a celebrity.
4. He crushes baseballs while wearing a retro Houston Astros uniform.
5. He's not afraid to call Rick Santorum a "fake" to his face.

Continue to see all the 77 reasons "why Ron Paul kicks ass":


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Great tribute! I shared this on fb.


~Your perception becomes your reality~

I loled a lot

I loled a lot

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Doctor! =)

Happy birthday, Ron Paul! May

Happy birthday, Ron Paul! May you live to see your dreams come to fruition.

"Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice." -- Thomas Paine

That just made me smile

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This delightful Birthday Album to front page!

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Totally delightful; Make the Front Page Happy


Nuthin but love for this.

Thanks for posting!


Oh yeah... Front page please!?

BUMP!! For front page!

This is the best!!! LOL, I agree with all 77 reasons. There's probably a million more too.

This is really the most

This is really the most coolest articles ever on Ron Paul!!!

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