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A Prayer For Divine Intervnetion At The Gop Convention In Tampa

Dear Lord, I say thank you for your patience and long suffering toward us. As a nation and a people we not not deserve this last chance. We ask for your forgiveness for sins committed knowingly and unknowingly. We ask for wisdom and the spirit to repent. I turn away from what is evil and do what is good in your sight. I ask to do all for the your glory and not for myself. We do not deserve your mercy and loving kindness. We thank you for sending your son to die in our place paying the penalty for our sins to satisfy your justice. We all do not deserve from you you forgiveness and mercy.

We bring our nation before you. The enemy to your kingdom is coming in like a flood trying to bring us down with our borders not secure and starting wars of imperialism. The money changers steal our wealth, they have withheld the true wages of our labors. Our freedom you gave us is slipping away. We have people in high places that hate your creation and seek to deprive us the right to grow out own food and to collect water from the rain you send us. We have people trying to destroy your creation through GMO foods. We are a nation in a moral crisis. A nation by your hand was founded. Our founders relied on your divine providence appealing to you the supreme judge of the world to create a nation for your glory.

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bump - there is only one who

bump - there is only one who hold true power